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Egyptian Fire Phoenix Amulet

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Housed within this Mystical Amulet lives a Phoenix Spirit of Awesome Power! They will help Change your Life! Resurrect your inner talents, manifest your dreams and give your Life the Ultimate POWER BOOST! Give your problems to your Phoenix so he or she can take them to the highest realms of the Universe for resolution, forever changing your fate for the better! They provide hope in the midst of despair and will help transform your life into something purer. Call upon your Phoenix for strength and renewed energy when facing life’s trials. They are especially helpful for those who need special strength, courage and healing. You will gain even deeper spiritual awareness and your psychic abilities will become stronger as your 3rd eye is awakened and enlightened! Any issues, big or small, there is nothing they can not help you accomplish!


This Sacred bird resembles a heron with brilliant red and gold plumage and their tears can heal wounds. Ancient Egyptian Chronicles reveal the Phoenix came to Egypt from Arabia every 500 years. Before the Phoenix dies/resurrects it builds a nest of incense twigs and lays down in it, singing a beautiful song. From its ashes, a new Phoenix arises. This Beautiful Bird Never Dies~ but is born anew from its old former self. An especially strong Spirit for Anyone going through any major transformations in Life; births, deaths, divorce, etc. An Excllent Companion for those who wish to leave some damaging part of their past behind and move forward with a fresh outlook & on a more positive path.


Resilient and Eternal ~ the Phoenix is a Must Have for any Metaphysical Collection!


They are Energetic Spirits of High Magick and they Protect their Guardian from all Evils, Hexes and Negative Energies! They are Wise& All-Knowing! They can manifest Dreams into Reality and Grant any Wish! Eager to assist you, nothing is beyond their Capabilities! Welcome a Phoenix into your life and watch as Miracles unfold!



Your purchase if for one Egyptian Phoenix housed in a small dazzling Red Swarovski Crystal Amulet, which measures about ½” long. There are males & females available; if you have a preference, please let me know upon checkout. You can wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place.  Free silver-plated chain included!

A Phoenix is one of the most Rare and difficult Entities to house – they are very leary towards humans and will only come forward to those they trust. This Phoenix has been housed by Maantefin, an Egyptian Master of High Magick, during ceremonies using the proper oils, herbs and ritual incantations.

Your Phoenix is a very loving & respectful Spirit, and is eager to form strong bonds with their new human friend.


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