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Goddess Nefertiti Bracelet

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Mistress of Sweetness
Great of Favors
Possessed of Charm
Exuding Happiness
Beloved One
Soft-spoken in All
Mistress of Upper & Lower Egypt
Great King’s Wife, whom he Loved
Lady of the Two Lands
The Goddess of Beauty,
Inner Strength
& Magick

  In Egypt, a Centuries old festival called the “Day of Queens” is celebrated annually on September 11th in honor of the Goddesses Nefertiti, Hatshepsut and Cleopatra. On this date, an Underground Gathering of the World’s Top Egyptian Conjurers, Medicine Men, Wizards, Shamans and Holy Men partake in Sacred Occult Ceremonies. My associate, Master Maantefin, leads the Ceremonies that summon the Goddess Nefertiti. Spectacular paranormal phenomenon, light displays and full bodied manifestations gave rise to offering this special bracelet in honor of the Goddess. The Spirit of Nefertiti comes forth to bring Guidance, Strength, Inspiration & Wish Manifestation.

  This Bracelet has been Attuned to the Vibrational Frequency of the Egyptian Queen & Goddess Nefertiti. She was known throughout the Ancient World for her outstanding beauty and her name means: “The beautiful woman has come.” She was the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten and mother-in-law to the Magnificent Pharaoh Tutankhamun.


  Nerfititi had a great love for her husband and much of the artwork of the two shows them in affectionate poses. They also had hundreds of artistic works that adorned the walls of their temple. She bore Akhenaten 6 daughters and no sons, and shared a near co-rulership with her husband. 

By Welcoming Nefertiti into your life, you will Empower your own inner wisdom and your intuition will be awakened, allowing psychic thoughts to flow freely. She will open and clear the heart chakra which represents higher consciousness and love. As you bond with the Energies of the Goddess, your world becomes more balanced and you move away from destructive habits, patterns and thinking.

Goddess Nefertiti Spells (spellcast during the Super Moon 6/23/13) also imbued into the bracelet are:

*Luminous Beauty & Charming Allure

*Sexiness & Sexual Prowess

*Bright & Captivating Aura Glow

*Respect from others

*Self-Confidence, Strength & Control

*Lucid Dreams & Astral Travel

*Past Life Work (especially Egyptian)

*Wealth & Prosperity

*Psychic Enhancement, 3rd Eye Opening

*Motivation & Ending Addictions (weight loss, etc.)

*Relationship Help/Finding Soulmate

*Business/Career Success


No formal Ritual is Required.
These Spells will automatically Bless the Owner of this Bracelet!




Your purchase is for 1 Gorgeous Nefertiti Bracelet with Blue Beads! This versatile piece stays closed due to some of the beads being magnetic; therefore it can conform to any shape! Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet, on your upper arm as a gorgeous cuff, around your neck as a necklace or wrap around your ankle as a stunning anklet! Composed of beautiful beads and magnets, the magnets keep it in place ~ there’s no tiny clasp to fidget with! The magnets bring their own natural orgone energy to improve your life by improving mental & physical performance, relieving pain & reducing stress, balancing your physical energy, improving stamina & blood circulation. *Caution: do not use this item if you have a pacemaker.

  All information will be included in your shipment, including a candle, pouch and incense. 

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