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Hecate 3rd Eye Opening & 7 Spells Bracelet


This Beautiful Bracelet holds the Goddess Hecate’s Energies!  Hecate is a triple Goddess, embodying all aspects of the Maiden, Mother & Crone.  She is the Goddess of Magick, Mystery, Arcane Knowledge, Crossroads, Childbirth, Ghosts and the Dark Moon.  She is an immensely powerful Goddess that will help you in developing your own Psychic Abilities.  She will assist in opening your 3rd eye so that you will be better able to connect and communicate with Spirits. 


Hecate will bestow you with increased knowledge, wisdom, good luck, prosperity and bring new outlets for creative ideas to flow.  If you feel stuck or stagnant, welcome her into your life for progressive new changes!  Hecate manifests holding torches to illuminate the darkness and is surrounded by her spectral hounds.  It has long been known that whomever Hecate chooses to bless, will advance greatly in all areas! 


Included in your shipment will also be a Hecate 3rd Eye Opening Ritual.



Besides being your Connection to Hecate, I’ve also individuallySpellcast each Bracelet with 7 of my Most Powerful White-Light Spells! 


The Spells are as follows:


*Hot Love, Sex & Passion Spell

Brings passionate new love or rekindles the flames of your current relationship.



*A Rich Life Money Spell

Money will flow freely to you from all sources; lotteries, raises, gifts of cash, better business success, etc.


*Irresistible Allure Spell

Look younger, radiate beauty as this spell enhances your attraction in all the right areas, so the right people will notice you; you will beam confidence as heads turn!  Also helps ith weight loss & ending addictions.



*Home Cleansing & Protection Spell

Removes all Evil Spirits, Hexes, Curses, etc. from your Sacred Space & offers continuous protection.


*Psychic Enhancement Spell

Opens your 3rd Eye, Spirit Communication, ESP, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Astral Travel, Prophetic Dreams & Psychic Visions.



*Aura & Karma Cleansing Spell

Cleans & brightens your Aura, making you feel spectacular & erases damage from past life Karmic mistakes so you can live life to the fullest!




*U-Turn Spell

Stop going down the road of pain, grief, misery and depression.  This Spell illuminates the problem(s) of your choosing, takes the mystery out of them, and reveals a clear course of action to take, leading you to less stress and a much healthier & happier Life.


Each purchase is for 1 Captivating Hecate & 7 Spells Bracelet!  This versatile piece stays closed due to some of the beads being magnetic; therefore it can conform to any shape!  Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet, on your upper arm as a gorgeous cuff, around your neck as a necklace or wrap around your ankle as a stunning anklet!  Composed of beautiful beads and magnets, the magnets keep it in place ~ there’s no tiny clasp to fidget with!  The magnets bring their own natural energy to improve your life by improving mental & physical performance, relieving pain & reducing stress, balancing your physical energy, improving stamina & blood circulation.  *Caution:  do not use this item if you have a pacemaker.



All pertinent information will be included in your shipment.


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