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 Starry 1 Night


Night Guardian Vampire or Vampiress Coffin Ring


For your consideration is a very Passionate Stregoni Benefici Night Guardian Vampire directly from Italy! 

The Night Guardian Vampire’s main purpose is that of 24/7 Protection over you ~ against all Dark Spirits, Black Magick & Energy that may be plaguing you.  They do not ‘feed' on blood nor energy, instead, they intermingle with the energy of everyone they come into contact with.  They invisibly consume this energy deep within their Spiritual core, revolving it and changing it for the better; which leaves the people they come into contact with fortified and refreshed ~ revamped, so to speak!  When in the presence of this Vampire, you will feel noticeably happier and you will feel like you have so much more energy!


These Vampires are nocturnal, being most active at dusk & night.  The males are extremely handsome, and the females are gorgeously beautiful. They also have huge black bat-type wings. These Vampires have a sexual, seductive nature and can bring you erotic, intimate pleasures as a Spiritual Lover. They have a mesmerizing Aura, filled with confidence, mystery and tantalizing seduction that will leave you breathless! 


Your Night Guardian Vampire is housed in a high-quality stainless steel Ring, shaped like a coffin.  Sizes vary and are limited. Males & Females available. Wear, carry with your or keep in a special place.


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