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Treasures of Avalon Merlin Illuminati Royal Family Ring

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Merlin the


Treasures of


Illuminati Ring

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This enchanting Ring is from the Private Collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It was imbued several years ago by the Sinclair Illuminati Sect within the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, the original Isle of Avalon. It was further blessed at a very secret location – the hidden burial site of Merlin. These powerful ceremonies invoked his Spirit as well as the Secret Avalonian Spell Codes of Merlin. This Ring has been utilized exclusively within the British Royal Families (direct Illuminati Bloodlines). A Ring like this typically isn’t offered to the general public, but it has made its intentions known that someone reading this is in need of its remarkable blessings.

This Ring brings you the gifts of Merlin ~ Alchemical transformations in changing the lead to gold in your life! There’s no situation too difficult or challenging for Merlin to bring you peace and resolution. Allow his calming and balancing energies to envelop your life in all areas, bringing peace to chaos and the ability to move forward along a more positive path. You will rejoice in opportunities that present themselves and the doors to success are unlocked and opened before you! Merlin brings justice to those who have been wronged and obliterates obstacles so what you need will come more efficiently to you. If you are constantly on the go, or tending to other’s needs, he helps calm and align these energies so you can focus more on yourself and get that much needed downtime. He can provide you with the Wisdom and Magick to make the right decisions and bring about the best influences. Wealth and riches will flow more freely to you and you can rest comfortably in knowing all of your needs will be taken care of. He brings guidance and enlightenment in your time of need.

Merlin is innately connected to the Sidhe/Fairies of Avalon and can call upon them to assist you with deep Alchemical healing. These soothing energies permeate your deepest cellular levels, repairing broken DNA and bringing restoration and happiness. You may feel a gentle tingling throughout your body as the Fairies regenerate and alleviate your physical and Spiritual bodies. *Do not substitute for proper medical care - always seek medical attention for any illness.

Merlin awakens your own innate Wizard or Witch, and your infinite power & potential. He is an amazing teacher and guide that will help you with sacred cycles and reveal the secrets of Avalon. He can connect you with the Otherworld and bridge connections with Spirits. He utilizes the 5 Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether/Spirit) to bring you signs and his wisdom. Pay attention to the clouds, stars, waves, trees and wind for hidden messages! You may also be Spiritually transported to the Era of Camelot and gain valuable insights!

Are you meant to be next keeper to this exceedingly rare Illuminati Merlin Ring? You will feel a strong attraction to it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it!

This breathtaking Ring is truly fit for Royalty, with a large faceted emerald center stone, surrounded by two rows of 14 emeralds representing the Knights of the Round table, set in a sterling silver band, Size 8.5. No formal ritual required. No maintenance required. Wear, carry with you, or keep someplace special to be bestowed its extraordinary blessings.

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