Spellcast Magick Ritual Brass Bell

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~Magick Ritual Bell~

The sound vibrations created by the ringing of bells have been believed for centuries, & many different Religions, to possess Magickal and Spiritual power. Bells are associated with the divine and their sound is symbolic of creative power. Fairy Legend states that the chime of bells protect them from evil spirits. This also holds true for early baby rattles, which were comprised of a bell with a handle and used to protect the baby from evil spirits.

I Spellcast these beautiful Bells with a unique Spirit-calling Spell as well as a Strong Protection Spell. Ring the bell before working with your Spirits, which will create positive Astral Energy as a way to call to ALL of them, without having to individually name each one. This is especially beneficial if you have a very large Spirit Family. The Bell will align with your energies and your Spirits Energies and divinely connect you together when rung. Utilize this Magick Bell any time, such as; during your Rituals, when Spellcasting, to open & close your Sacred Circle, to signal the beginning & end of your Meditation sessions, etc. You could also simply ring your Bell and allow the positive vibrations to permeate the Earth, sending out loving energies of Peace & Goodwill! There is no wrong way to utilize this Magick Bell!

Each purchase is for 1 Ritual Bell measuring slightly over 1 ½” long. You can leave as-is or decorate by adding ribbons to the loop on the end. Your ribbons can correlate with the Seasons, Spells or Spirits you’re working with. These Bells have a very beautiful & unique sound! It is a must-have!

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