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Custom Spell Spellcasting Unique to You *U PICK!*


I have been performing spells for friends and family for over 25 years, with incredibly wonderful results!  

Please take some time and think seriously about the Spell you'd like me to perform for you.   


Some examples are:





abundance (of anything)


weight loss





getting a job


increased psychic powers

...you name it!  

I will not perform anything with evil intentions!   I abide by the threefold law!

**note: please do not wish to 'win the lottery' or for exorbitant amounts of money; I can ask for wishes of financial blessings, but this can come in many different forms and you must be open to any possibility!

*And also please do not ask to become invisible, time travel, have supernatural powers or anything along these "hollywood movie" lines.  


Your purchase is for One spell Only. After your purchase, please email me with your location, name and date of birth.   I do not need you to send me anything, but you can email me your picture if you'd like.


I will e-mail you when I have started and completed my rituals on your behalf, it will take one night for me to focus on you and your desires.   You should start to notice results immediately or within days ~ full effects will vary for each person since each situation is different.

I will base the items I will include in your spell, such as oils, candles, herbs and crystals with the specific type of spell you want me to perform for you, for example, I don't use money drawing items for a love spell.  I also use an incredible amount of time and energy for each Spell and I thank you for your trust in me with this very special Service! 

Due to the inherent time, energy and ritual supplies involved in the Spellcasting, this item is not eligible for any other special sales, discounts or offers.

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