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Spirit Unbinding/Removal from your Body, Aura, Talisman Undo a Binding


This is a ritual I perform using white-light Magick, appropriate crystals, oils, herbs, etc. in order to remove a Spirit (be it a Djinn, Vampire, Fairy, Watcher, Werewolf, etc.) that someone has bound to your physical body that you no longer wish to have bound to you.  I can also remove the Spirit from any ring, pendant or other item.  You do not need to mail me anything, I can do this all Spiritually.  The Spirit(s) will return to their home in the Astral Realm.  I do not unbind demons or unnamed entities.

I can also reverse any Spells you've had attached/bound to you or any vessels you may have.

There is nothing formal you need to do but place your items in a designated location for a night.

Price is per Spirit or Spell.

Since this is a service I am providing for you, there is no shipping charge. 




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