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Luna Roman Moon Goddess Amulet FREEBIE

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LIMITED TIME OFFER!!  Get this item (almost) FREE with your purchase(s) of $100.00 or more!  Simply add $100.00 worth of items to your cart and add this amulet.  International buyers: shipping fees do not count towards the $100.00 goal.

Utilizing the Secret teachings of Ancient Roman Holy Men, Oracles and the Gods & Goddesses of the Roman Pantheon, I have imbued this beautiful amulet to align you with Luna, Roman Goddess of the Moon, as well as bestow you many blessings. Luna can assist you in all areas & on all levels. If you are seeking psychic enhancement, she will be an excellent Guide & bestow blessings in your favor. If you are seeking wealth & material enhancement, she will place you in the Universal flow of Riches. She is very talented at enhancing the passion in your current relationship or helping you find your soul mate. Anything you desire can be accomplished with the assistanceof the Moon Goddess, Luna!


This beautiful Amulet was Charged with the Power of the Super Moon, June 23, 2013! It as the one time this year when the Moon was the Closest to Earth, whichbrought Intense Spellcasting Energies! This Amulet holds the Power of the Moon!

Typically Spellcasting is performed during certain moon phases, but sometimes the proper phase is not available when you want to perform a certain spell, therefore, use this Amulet to connect with any Moon Phase you need for proper Spellcasting: Full Moon, Waxing Moon, New/Dark Moon & Waning Moon. Place or hang on your Altar & make this Amulet the focal point of your Spellcastings for added boosts!


The Spells imbed into this Amulet include: Wealth Drawing, Spirit Communication/Connection, Stronger Psychic Abilities, Stronger Intuition, Astral Travel, OBE’s, Luminous Glowing Beauty, Finding Soulmate or Enhancing Love, Creativity & Inspiration, Wish Manifestation, Gentle Healing, and Deep Spiritual Awakening.


You can connect with Luna through your dreams, visions & meditations. She will manifest as a beautiful woman with long, silky black hair, with glistening stars within it; she wears glowing white robes and isilluminated by a soft glowing white light.


Your purchase is for 1 silver plated Luna Crescent Moon Amulet with small link 18” Recharging Chain, as shown in the pictures. You can wear, carry with you or keep/hang in a special place in your home.

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