Blessed Guardian Angel Amulet


This Amulet bestows you with a closer connection to the Angelic Realm- use it to form and/or strengthen your relationship with your Personal Guardian Angel! Some believe we have more than 1 Guardian Angel - in this regard we are very well protected & guided. Whether you believe you have 1 or more Guardian Angels, this Amulet will connect you with the Divine Energy that surrounds you.  Your Guardian Angel brings you comfort during the dark times and helps to ignite a spark of hope that things will improve! If you have made choices in the past that were not for your highest good, this Angel can show you how to let go of those choices so that you may make new positive ones. Above all, your Guardian Angel knows that everything is constantly changing in your life and if you are open to embracing those changes, then you automatically move into the Higher Positive Flow where everything can be transformed!


I personally had this special Amulet Blessed at a very old Catholic Church in Chicago, IL.  It has been infused with Peaceful & Radiant Energies to unite you with your Guardian Angel!  Ask for peace and joy- ask for any good thing that you can think of! Your Guardian Angel is eager to listen to your prayers and dreams and will guide you to the most rewarding path.  Your Guardian Angel will never interfere with your free will and will not help you unless you directly ask for it.  By welcoming this Guardian Angel Amulet into your home, you are directly telling your Guardian Angel that you not only acknowledge & respect them, but also you are directly asking for their assistance with any matter.  Your Guardian Angel’s message to you is that when you directly ask for something, anything, the Universe shifts in your favor and your Angel can begin manifesting your dreams!


Wear this Blessed Amulet and Feel the Energy of your Guardian Angel surround you!  Your Guardian Angel will always be close at hand to guide you forward and never let you go! There are many ways to connect with your Guardian Angel: wear or carry this Blessed Amulet, place it under your pillow or in a special place, place in your or your child’s bedroom.

Your purchase is for 1 Guardian Angel sparkling Swarovski Crystal Amulet with a sterling silver bail measuring ½” long. They are small but packed full of Angelic Energy!   They reflect all colors of the rainbow, and emit a halo of brilliance beyond what my camera could capture!  Free silver plated Recharging Chain included!   There are many ways to connect with your Guardian Angel: wear or carry this Blessed Amulet, place it under your pillow or in a special place, place in your child’s bedroom, or give as a gift to a loved one. There is no formal ritual to perform, when you wear this Amulet, you will instantly be aligned with your Personal Guardian Angel!  This also makes a great gift for students, children, and Indigos/Crystals/Rainbow/Starseeds/Empat hs/Walk-ins! 

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