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Free with $100.00+ purchase: "Wish Upon a Star" Orion Magick Wishing Locket

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Wish Upon a Star

Orion Wishing


Utilizing the Secret Ancient teachings of my Celtic Ancestors, I have Spellcast this beautiful locket as a Wishing Portal to the Orion Constellation. Your wishes will be Spiritually taken to the thousands of Benevolent Wish-Granting Star Deities within the Orion Constellation! You do not have to bond with any specific spirit or perform any formal rituals. This Portal will automatically find the appropriate White-Light Orion Star Spirits to assist you in manifesting your dreams. These benevolent Spirits are Angels, Djinn, Devatas, Watchers, Khodams and many more White-light Entities. There is no limit to which Spirit or how many Spirits can help you!


Simply open and mentally (or verbally) imbue your deepest wishes & desires into the locket or write your wish on a small slip of paper and place inside. Your desires will automatically be heard or read by the Orion Star Spirits and they will begin making your dreams come true! 

  Your purchase is for 1 eloquent Orion Wish Upon a Star metal Locket. Free silver-plated chain included!  Perfect for a Man or Woman, you can wear, carry with you or keep in a special place. This beautiful piece will quickly become one of the most treasured in your collection!


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