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Key to my Heart Soul's Essence Amulet


♥*¨¨* Key to my Heart *¨¨*♥

Soul’s Essence Amulet
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I personally Spellcast this gorgeous Heart Amulet during all 6 Super Moons of 2015!  Super Moon Spellcastings are 9x more powerful than a regular Full Moon Spellcast!  These Ancient Love Spells have been tried and tested over the Centuries and have been perfected to impart incredible Magick in your life!  This Amulet allows the wearer to connect with his or her own inner Positive Love Energies deep within your Soul’s Essence! Doing so allows you to gain more confidence in yourself, trust your intuition, reconnect with your past lives, increase your creativity, increase your libido & passion, stop making fear-based decisions, release guilt & anger, love others more deeply, allow & accept love from others, and happily give more unconditional love. It can generate change in any areas in relation to Love. If you are not in a relationship, you will become more open to having one, and your chances for obtaining a pure, loving relationship will increase dramatically.  It activates your Heart Chakra and opens & clears it like never before!

Other areas of enhancements include:

*brings beauty, glowing freshness to the skin, younger appearance

*feeling youthful, refreshed & energized

*help stop addictions & lose weight

*brings enhanced libido, passion & sexual prowess

*brings you your soulmate/twin flame; can induce love at first sight between you

*plants the 'seed' of other's devotion & attraction to you

*rekindles the flames of passion in your current relationship

*brings confidence, strength, greater self-esteem

*increases happiness, peace & harmony

*can bring restful sleep and intuitive dreams

*brings good luck, wealth & money windfalls

Your purchase is for 1 Sterling Silver "Key to My Heart" amulet, measuring just under 1” in total length. Free sterling silver chain included!  There is no formal ritual required ~ the Spells will automatically align to your Aura!  This would also make an enchanting gift for the special woman in your life!  Simply wear and enjoy!

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