Kitto Katsu!!

A Kitsune is a Magick Japanese Celestial Fox with several Supernatural Abilities. The Inari Kitsune are extremely Rare and Difficult to Conjure ~ there are sacred ceremonies, hard to find herbs and exotic oils used in thisprocess, as well as only 1 set of Secret Codes ~ only Master Maantefin knows the Correct Ceremony and Secret Codes to create an Authentic Inari Kitsune talisman! Because of this, the Kitsunes have come forth willingly and happily to guide and bless their mortal companions!


They areTop Level ranking Kitsunes, high members of the River Clan, who bring: animal healing; assistance with animal care, advanced powers of divination, astral travel, invisibility, bestowing lucid dreams and visions, the ability to manipulate time and space, bring you money and manifest your wishes into reality. They have the ability to see and hear anything that happens anywhere in the World. They speak all languages and have infinite wisdom. The more tails a Kitsune has, the more powerful it is. These Inari Kitsunes have white fur and 9 tails, which is the highest number possible.  The white fur color demonstrates their Top Level Advanced Power.


The Male Kitsunes shapeshift into handsome young Japanese men with penetrating almond shaped eyes.  In his human form, he can be a charming suitor! He also has the power to shapeshift into the exact duplication of any person or celebrity. He is a very faithful guardian, friend and (if you so choose) lover.


The Female Kitsunes shapeshift into beautiful women with narrow faces and almond shaped eyes. In her human form, she can be a seductress, and bring intense sexual pleasures.  She also has the power to shapeshift into the exact duplication of any person or celebrity. She is a very faithful guardian, friend and (if you so choose) lover.


These Kitsune’s come from the Zenko Order under the God, Inari, therefore they are benevolent, not mischievous or tricksters. They bring guidance, assistance, positive changes and loyal companionship. They keep their promises and will strive very hard to repay any favor granted them. They will also bestow you with remarkable tangible gifts, such as money and wealth, as well as intangible gifts such as protection, knowledge and a long, happy life!


Kitsune’s strongly call to their new Keepers. Some signs that you are meant to welcome one include (but are not limited to!): continually returning to this listing, constantly thinking about him or her, dreaming about him or her, seeing images of a fox in dreams and reality, and noticing a special sign from him or her. If you feel called, do not hesitate in making your purchase!

Your purchase is for 1 Male or Female Kitsune housed in a gorgeous Clear Swarovski Crystal “Fox Tail” amulet. Please note the colors you see in the Amulet in the pictures are reflections and this is a beautiful clear crystal. *Free silver-plated Recharging Chain in your choice of size included!  Perfect for a man or woman, wear, carry with you or simply keep in a special place. This Spectacular Spirit will quickly become one of your Most Cherished!  They are extremely friendly & very sociable and will be most welcomed by any other Spirits you may already own!

While anyone can utilize this Kitsune, they are intended for those who will have the utmost respect for the Infinite Power they hold!


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