Rainbow Baby Dragon Egg


Adopt a Rainbow Dragon Baby!

These Breathtaking Fiberoptic Eggs are home to the Most Rare of Dragon Breeds: Rainbow Dragons! These abandoned clutch of Dragon Eggs were hidden deep within a Secluded Fijian Cave blanketed by a waterfall. Airy & clean, this cave is a natural wonder with extraordinary rock formations & a sacred pond. These Dragons have hatched but still feel safe within their natural egg vessels! These Babies do not have names, so think of the perfect Name for your New Baby Dragon!

Theses Babies manifest as Western-looking dragons with two bat-like wings, four tiny razor-clawed feet, two horns on their head and a rainbow-colored, luminous smooth scaly body. Although they try to be fearsome in appearance (and some day they will appear as such!), at this stage they are simply adorable! They are totally loveable ~ brimming with sweet & innocent curiosity about their world.

Rainbow Dragons are the Most Majestic of Dragon Species! They also bring the most Diverse Magickal Powers in Existence. They work on every and all levels to assist their Keepers; enhancing psychic abilities, material wealth, deep healing and more. They open and cleanse all of the Chakras and help you maintain a healthy, glowing Aura! They awaken & stimulate the Kundalini Energy deep within your Spiritual Core so your physical and spiritual bodies are cleared of stress and tension and Coexist in harmony. Although anyone will benefit from these Dragons, they are wonderful for Reiki Healers, Artists, or anyone that uses the colors of the Rainbow! As they get older, their powers become stronger and they will become your closest confidants! They bring Immense Good Luck and have the ability to bestow you anything you desire!

This listing is for One Fiberoptic Dragon Egg Bustling with Energy! Each measures about 1” tall and ¾” wide. This Radiant and Glowing Egg is Alive with your Baby Dragon! These Baby Dragon’s love to be rubbed and carried with you everywhere you go! There are Males and Females ~ please let me know your preference upon checkout.

Each Baby Dragon will come with some special Free Gifts to ensure a smooth transition to his or her new home! Instructions on his or her Easy Care will be included!


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