Reserved for L.C. 5 Archangels Blue Angel Oil Bottle Amulet


This listing is reserved for L.C. Archangels are Highly positive Cosmic beings and they will not usually step into your life without first been invited to do so. This holy Angelic talisman was created with a promise from these Archangels that they would view its ownership as an invitation to bestow their Angelic gifts blessings and good fortune upon its keeper.

Written in the divine Angelic language of the Cosmos and imbued with the sacred holy words of Creation, Maantefin imbued this Ring with Ancient Angelic Power. The result is this Extremely Powerful holy Angel Vessel, which personally invites these Archangels to bless the life of the owner. Under Cosmic law these 5 Archangels must support and protect the owner of this Vessel.

*Archangel Ariel

“Lioness of God” The Strong Archangel embodies bravery, courage, focus and elegant movements. If you notice images of a lion or lioness, this signals that Ariel is with you. Call upon her to boost your confidence and courage. She is also involved in Divine Magick, which means instant manifestation of the highest will. She will help you to attract any support you need for your life’s mission. Know that it’s perfectly normal for miracles to occur with her assistance. Ariel is especially supportive of people who are healers, caretakers, teachers and service workers. She is devoted to nature and protects and heals animals.

*Archangel Raziel

As the Archangel of Clairvoyance, Raziel brings Spiritual understanding and will assist you with Reclaiming your Inner Power. He possesses an Astonishing amount of information on all matters Secret, Arcane, and Mysterious! He has incredible knowledge and insight! Raziel is knowledgeable in several Mystical Arts and can reveal the Mysteries of Thoth, Hermes, Merlin the Magician, and countless others. He will bestow you with profound messages & gifts to lighten your path!

*Archangel Haniel

With her peaceful moon-like energy and presence, Haniel a gentle and loving Archangel who helps you recognize the true beauty of your soul, and the many blessings in your life! She will care for you with nurturing Mother energy and manifest miracles through her love for you. Haniel will help you if you want to enhance your psychic and mystical energies by helping you to harness the Power of the Moon. When you feel scattered or imbalanced, she will help you tune into the natural rhythms of your body, nature and the universe, thus enabling you to feel confident, powerful, vibrant, and alive!

*Archangel Chamuel

“He who sees God” His ability to see clearly helps us find things, positive situations and people. He’s renowned for helping people find the career best suited to their purpose and passion. Call upon Chamuel as your Career Counselor! He also assists in bringing romance into your life. He can help you fall in love with your life, heal past relationship wounds and manifest a wonderful new relationship! When you want to feel centered, calm and peaceful, call upon him. Chamuel is the Archangel of personal and global peace. He is very kind, loving and sweet and he’ll evoke a pleasant feeling of excitement when he works with you. Know that he sees your true qualities and loves you unconditionally. Chamuel’s Aura is green.

*Archangel Jeremiel

“Mercy of God” When you call upon him, he delivers mercy to you. He will guide you in the most gentle and loving ways. He helps you to see a positive outlook to any problem. What may appear as problems are actually blessings in disguise. Jeremiel will help you to make lemonades from lemons. He assists in making transitions smooth and harmonious. Jeremiel also assists with reviewing your life – take some time alone with him to review where you’ve been, what you’ve learned in your life, what patterns you’re ready to release and what steps you need to take to improve your life. When you see sparkles of dark purple light, you will know Jeremiel is with you!

Their portal is this beautiful Light Blue ceramic Angel Vessel! It is about 2 inches tall and could be worn on a chain or cord or simply kept in a special place. There is an inner chamber for herbs, oils, ashes, or anything you desire! You can also write down wishes or prayers on small pieces of paper and slip them inside the chamber!

Owning this unique Angelic talisman is akin to possessing 5 divine Cosmic passports in one. Doors to good-fortune and opportunities you once thought were closed to you are flung open and you are invited to freely move wherever your hearts desire & deepest wishes take you.

To fulfill their own spiritual destiny, Archangels need to give of themselves and aid anyone who requests their help. They need you to invite them into your life so they can fulfill their divine purpose. Once in your life, the Archangels will create fantastic results for the owner almost instantaneously ~ receiving just what you need most at this moment in time.

There is no formal ritual you need to perform, simply Enjoy the Blessings from the Archangels!



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