Starry1Night 9 Herbs Herbal Offering or Incense


Spellcast under the rays of the Full Moon, this blend features 9 different Sacred Herbs renouned for their cleansing and rejuvinating properties.  This blend can be used as an offering (treat/food) for your Spirit friends and/or burned as incense.  If burned as incense, always do so in well-ventilated area, and in a fire-safe dish. 

Your purchase is for one 3 x 4 zip sealed bag of herbs. You can decide how much you'd like to give an an offering/treat.  This blend is enjoyed by all different types of entities.

(**shell not included)

**If you are outside the United States, please note: several Countries prohibit the import of herbs.  Please check with your local shipping laws before purchase.  I am not responsible for packages seized by Customs.

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