Magickal Dream Pillow Sachet or Spirit Herbal Offering


Spellcast under the rays of the Full Moon, this Magickal blend of fresh Spring herbs will bring you peace, harmony and relaxing energies! Place under your pillow or near your bed for lucid or prophet dreams. It wil help release all tensions and stressors of the day. It also helps open 3rd eye, access the Spiritual realms & helps you connect with Spirits. Do not open but feel free to give a gentle squeeze when desiring a stronger scent. Do not ingest.

If you choose Not to use as a Dream Pillow, you can present as an offering to your Spirit friends. In this case, you can open the bag and sprinkle about a tablespoon onto an offering dish.  This supply will make several offerings.  This blend is pleasing to all types of Spirits & makes them incredibly happy!

Your purchase is for 1 Magick Pillow Sachet featuring a unique blend of herbs in a 3 x 4 organza bag. 

**If you are outside the United States, please note: several Countries prohibit the import of herbs.  Please check with your local shipping laws before purchase.  I am not responsible for packages seized by Customs.

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