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Wrap Yourself in the Wings of Love of a Virtue Angel


I waited patiently for the Lord

He inclined and heard my cry

He brought me up out of the pit

Out of the miry clay

  This beautiful Ring holds your own Personal Virtue Angel!  Virtues are Angels filled with Divine Strength and will bring you the Strength you need for all of Life’s hardships.  Virtues' primary role is to bring large amounts of Spiritual Energy to the Earthly plane as well as the human consciousness.  Virtues love to assist people who are striving to achieve more what others tell them or think they can!  They love the positive people who are working to enlighten and lead others toward harmony.

Virtues work with movement, guiding the Elemental Energies that affect Earth; when you perform Rituals with one or more of the Elemental Energies, they will be more than happy to assist you!  They are incredible miracle workers and bring Divine intervention to change your Life! Since humans have Free Will, they will not interfere with your Life without directly being asked to do so.  Welcome this Ring and you directly Welcome a Virtue Angel into your Life!


Virtues help people who feel overburdened, stressed, anxiety and those who feel trapped in a romantic or business relationship; or feel stress from a co-worker or unappreciative boss. When you are sick or scared, call upon your Virtue Angel.  Give your issues to your Virtue so he may take them to the Heavens for healing & resolution.  Your Virtue will bring you the strength and patience you need as well as change issues to more comfortable ones; revealing new people & situations that bring you greater joy and peace.


These beings of Light act as generators within the physical realms.  They manifest as very large beings with a glowing light.  They commune directly with the stars and nebulae which gives birth to stars and other astronomical phenomena.  


Virtues are meant for anyone, but especially Lightworkers and Holistic Healers such as those performing Reiki, Shamanism, etc.; for they will bestow you special blessings so that you may more effectively and deeply assist others with your healing abilities; bringing much more divine comfort to your clients.  Your Virtue Angel will  directly bestow Healing Angelic Energy to your clients, friends & loved ones ~ even pets, through this Ring!


These Virtue Angels were summoned during a secret consecrated and holy ceremony including an eclectic mix of Spiritual Masters.  I also had them personallyblessed by a Catholic Priest in Chicago, IL. It does not matter your religious beliefs, the Virtues have come to assist anyone who feels drawn to them!


You will receive 1 silver plated ring that wraps comfortably around your finger.  It adjusts to fit a size 7 ½ - 9 ½.  Each Ring houses a Virtue Angel to bless, guide and assist you forever! 


All information will be included in your shipment.  Angel blessings! ~xo

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