Snow Fairy & Winter Fairy Portal Crystal


Snow Fairy & Fairy Portal Crystal with Rainbow inclusions!


From the Depths of the Glens of the Kingdom of Gwynedd, in Northwest Wales live some of the most Dynamic Faeries! Among these Spirited Fae are the Mountain & Snow Faeries from the peaks of Snowdonia, Water Faeries from Cardigan Bay, and the Woodland Faeries of Gwydyr Forest!

This is a Magick Fairy Crystal Portal to connect with the Snow Faeries from the peaks of Snowdonia! It also houses a Special Snow Faerie "Essence.” She is Guardian to the Portal and will be your new Fairy Friend! She loves to be hostess between realms! Lucky by nature this little Fae always has a cheerful and optimistic disposition! She is very social and gives off an undeniable charm that draws people and other faeries to her. She loves to cuddle under a warm blanket and watch the snow fall on a cold winter’s night!

She & the other Fae that enter the Portal will reveal their presence as sparkling white lights, as dancing snowflakes outside (they love snow & cold!) or you may even catch them in their natural form; tiny & human-like with iridescent wings!

Place this Snow Crystal Anywhere you want to invite or draw the Fairies into your life! As the Snow Fairies learn to trust you and consult with "Essence" on this new environment, they will reenter the portal and return bringing more Fae! Some will take up residence in your houseplants or outdoor flower gardens ~ check for tiny footprints or small piles of stones! In the summer months, they will spend a lot of time in the shade or cooler areas of your home!

This is a Crystal Portal which looks like ice! It has inner layers which reflect tiny rainbows when held up to the light! It is SO breathtakingly beautiful!! It is rhombus-shaped and measures 1.25" long and .75" wide. This is a Highly Cleansing, Healing & Energizing Crystal! Just having it in your Room will cleanse it of any negative energies and heighten your own energy levels! It is excellent for those who suffer from SAD or Seasonal Depression as it will bring Rays of Sunshine into your Energy Field! It will cleanse & clear your Aura and make it glow! You will feel happier just being around this Crystal! If you have been feeling sluggish, tired, notice an increase in eating, gaining weight, lack of motivation, or difficulty staying focused, then you need this Fairy & Portal to help turn these issues around!

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