Quartz Crystal Skull


This Crystal Skull has been Magickally imbued to enhance your psychic abilities and any form of Magickal aspects such as Astral Travel, Telepathy, Past Life Work and more. It is designed to naturally and easily invoke your spiritual power and meditative energy. It will help you obtain profound knowledge of the Mystical & Magical Arts. Your level of consciousness will be raised and you will visit past civilizations, meet spirit guides, and gain access to ancient wisdom! Secrets will be revealed and new dimensions in time will be made apparent.


This is a Pure Crystal Quartz Mini Skull measuring about the size of a large grape with amazing detail carving, including the upper spine in the back! 

Quartz is Naturally Powerful and is used in cleansing and healing as well as amplification of other energies: yours, other crystals and talismans. This Crystal has a similar vibration as humans, therefore using it to meditate will help you learn more about yourself and open doorways within yourself you may not have opened before. It’s best to work with this Crystal when you are in a good mood as if you are not, it will not work for you.


Crystal Skulls have been used by the Ancients for many different forms of good fortune, such as wealth, success, good health, spiritual enlightenment, etc. In metaphysics, crystal skulls are often used for ceremonial work, wealth generators, healing, energy work, and enhancing one's psychic abilities. The Skull actually Emits Positive Spiritual Energy which you will be able to feel the moment it arrives! They are Brimming with the ability to do Good by diminishing negative energy and replacing it with fresh, positive energy!   This is a must-have for any Magickal Collection!



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