9 Circles of Torment Prince of Darkness Hellfire Club Ring

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The Prince of


9 Circles of Torment

Black Magick Ring

This Ring is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair. It is a vintage ring that was Spell Cast and used exclusively within certain sects of the Black Magick Satan Worshipers of the Hellfire Club. Established in the 18th Century, these high-ranking Illuminati Members formed these Dark Occult Societies throughout Britain and Ireland. Their powerful Spellwork is Centuries old, formed utilizing secret Universal wisdom and unlocking the keys to manifestation.

The effects of this Ring will bring chaos and disorder to wreak havoc in the lives of your enemies, anyone trying to harm/curse you, competitors or those who are trying to undermine or stop you from reaching your goals. The 9 Circles of Torment Spells will make their lives very uncomfortable and distressing, so not only will they stop their focus on you, but it will be hard for them to get ahead or makes sense of any avenue in their life. With these Spells in effect, disorder will ensue and everything will start going wrong in their life. They will literally be going in circles as the Spells lead them in a continuous loop within the 9 Hellish Circles of Torment! There is no way for anyone to trace where their bad luck is coming from with this Ring. Even if they try to employ protective measures, this Ring will instantly make them null & void.

These Spells will cause confusion and mistrust among your enemy’s lovers, friends and family; creating arguing and turmoil among themselves. It brings nothing harmful to you and will always show your persona to be one of respect and adoration to others (no matter how you treat them).

This ring creates a network of positive blessings to whomever owns it. Not only does it take care of your enemies, but it makes sure you are placed on the path to ultimate happiness. It can make anyone you desire fall madly in love with you and obsess over you. Others will want to be with you romantically and it’s your choice who you want to be with. All relationships will work in your favor, be they romantic or business. These Spells place you on top, so you are always winning & successful. They will envelope your home in a blanket of protection. They open the pathways to extreme wealth & riches, so you can live the life you’ve always wanted.

This Ring was owned by several billionaire Hellfire Club members who were able to amass anything they desired. They typically keep Rings of this nature within their secret society, but have agreed to allow this one to be offered to you! Due to the magnificent power of this ring, please use with extreme care!!

There is no formal ritual required. Once this Ring is in your hands, it will automatically start reading your Aura and know what it is you seek. It creates and seals a permanent pact with you, so if someone were to steal this from you and try to use it, it will nullify the Magick contained within. It does not matter your religious beliefs, this Ring will help anyone.

It gives off an intense energy, and can create an electrical tingling sensation when held or worn. This sensation may increase or decrease over time, and you may need to limit direct exposure until your energy adjusts to it.

This antique ring is composed of a black onyx stone set in a band of unknown metal, size 9.75. One side of the band has a grooved pattern and the other has an indentation. This marks the dual nature of the Ring; one to bring destruction to your enemies and the other to bring everything good to you. Wearing is not required, as simply owning this ring will bring you its blessings.

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