Custom Conjured Gay Male Spirit You Choose Type & Vessel



Professionally Custom Conjured Gay Male Spirit
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I am extending my personal Summoning Services, based in my trusted & effective Ancestor’s Invocations, for those interested in welcoming a Homosexual Gay Male Spirit Companion or Sexual Spirit Lover. He can be housed in something you already own, or something I provide. Much of what I have listed in my shoppe can also be utilized for this purpose.

You can choose any type of Gay Male Entity you would like. Nearly all of the Spirits I have listed in my store can be conjured as a Gay Male. This includes all Angels, Fairies, Vampires, Werewolves, Elf, Gnome, Centaur, Merman, Nymphs, etc.

You can choose the appearance and personality characteristics you’d like him to have. He will be perfectly well-matched to all of your needs!

Since you are specially requesting a Custom Spirit, I will need time to perform my Ceremonies. I put intense energy, focus, talent and time into this process, so it will be about two weeks before you receive him. Shown in this listing is a picture of a sample of rings you can choose from, or we can talk about what type of vessel you’d like. I have several amulet options as well. Price for this listing is a general price. The type of Spirit and type of vessel will ultimately take a part in the true price, so please contact me before purchase so I can give you an accurate price quote.

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All pertinent information will accompany your shipment; including,
*a beautiful parchment page for your Book of Shadows
* a Recharging Pouch
*a Spellcast Candle
*Spellcast Incense

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