Blessed St. Rita of Cascia Garnet Cross Amulet


These Beautiful Garnet Crosses have been aligned with the vibrational frequency of the Lovely St. Rita.  She came to me in a vision and told me to make these Crosses available as there are those in need. St. Rita is the patron saint of desperate and impossible causes. If you’ve been feeling like you’re on a downward spiral in any area – be it relationship, business/job, spirituality, or other, then you need St. Rita to turn your life around! She will help you if you feel stuck in a situation you’re not sure how to get out of or need a miracle to help you! If you have a terminal or chronic Illness, St. Rita will bring so much comfort. She is also the patron Saint of wounds, marital problems, domestic abuse and mothers. As a sign of God’s love for her, a rose bush bloomed in the middle of winter for her ~ therefore her symbol is the rose; you will receive signs in the form of roses, the scent of roses, pictures of roses, rose petals, actual roses, etc.

I also had these Crosses personally blessed by a Catholic Priest in Chicago.

Your purchase is for 1 Garnet Cross of St. Rita. (She chose garnet for the color of the Rose!) Each Dazzling Cross measures 2” in total length!  *There is not a Chain included, but I do offer them in my Store!

There is no formal ritual required ~ whoever wears the Cross of St. Rita will be bestowed her blessings! 

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