Black Baby Dragon Amulet


….Black Baby Forest Dragons….

….seeking Loving Homes!...

For your Consideration is this Adorable Black Forest Baby Black Dragon! This Clutch of hatchlings were found abandoned deep within the Black Forest Mountain range in Germany. They would do exceptionally well in a home that already has Dragons, but if you don’t happen to have any, all they really need is your love! There are Males and Females to choose from and they are unnamed, so you can choose a name for yours!


Theses Babies have black, bat-like wings, four tiny razor-clawed feet, three horns on their head and a black smooth scaly body. Although they try to be fearsome in appearance (and some day they will appear as such!), at this stage they are simply adorable! They are totally loveable ~ brimming with sweet & innocent curiosity about their world. As they get older, their Energy will manifest in a Strong drive for Accomplishment. You will be able to connect on every level ~ your Psychic Abilities will Increase Profoundly and Spiritually your bonds will only deepen over time. When you are very old, this Dragon will take unselfish care of you.

The innate Wisdom and Nobility of the Western Forest Dragon is unmatched by any other. These Dragons will grow to become your Loyal Companion and will work hard to provide you with anything you desire. Dragons love to hoard treasures and will lavish their owners with the same. They have the ability to bring you good luck, wealth, prosperity, riches and a life of comfort! Do not miss this opportunity to welcome an authentic Dragon into your life!

Your purchase is for 1 Black Dragon “Egg” Pendant Bustling with Energy! The pendant is Black Onyx enveloped in pure .925 sterling silver & marcasites. *There is Not a chain included but I do offer them in my Store! Keep your Baby Dragon close to your heart for Maximum Bonding!

If you have a preference for a Male or Female, please let me know upon checkout otherwise I will choose one that I psychically feel would like to go home to you.

No Metaphysical Collection would be complete without at least one Baby Dragon! You do not need any special skills to own them~ they are meant for the one Lucky Person that feels inexplicably drawn to them! They would also make great gifts for the Dragon Lover in your Life!

Each Baby Dragon will come with some special Free Gifts to ensure a smooth transition into his or her new home! Instructions on their Easy Care will be included!




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