Djinn All Natural Organic Herbal Offering Treat Food


I am excited to offer this unique All-natural, Chemical-free & Organic Spellcast Herbal blend, which I’ve chosen specifically for its receptivity to Djinn! This Blend can be used for all High Level Spirits such as: Djinn (Genie), Devatas, Ilmu Khodams, Watchers, etc. (there are too many to list ~ please contact me if you’re unsure)!

This is a Sacred blend of Organic herbs, that All High Level Spirits LOVE! They are attracted to the scent and colors and consuming its Essence makes them Incredibly Happy! They will feel Especially Loved when you honor them with the Highest Quality Offering available!

When you show them respect in this way, they work much harder to treat YOU in return! Many have reported this also herbal offering makes the Spirits especially active! This blend will also increase their openness & receptivity to you~ this mix could be used as a welcoming, daily offering or occasional special treat!

Simply leave desired amount overnight in an offering dish or on your Altar. It will not be physically gone in the morning – these are Spiritual Beings who consume Spiritual Essences.


You will receive a 3 x 4 ziplock bag of this Blend.  The amount you need depends on how many Djinn (or other Spirits) you have as well as how much you’d like to spoil them!

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