Savannah and Harry Paranormally Active Haunted Doll & Horse


Paranormally Active

Savannah and her

Horse, Harry

My friends in the investigative field of Paranormal Research encounter many haunted dolls, relics and other items from their ghost hunting investigations. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include Mel-meter, Ovilus X, SB-7 Spirit box, K2, cameras, handheld voice thermal and video recorders and other inventions. They spend a lot of time doing background research on the locations they investigate. They do not claim everything they capture is paranormal and always use debunking techniques to further validate the haunting. According to their strict findings, these items have been deemed paranormal and meant for the discerning haunted collector. This item is for mature adults only - you must be at least 21 to purchase.

The Doll is host to the Spirit of a 14 year old girl named Savannah. She passed in the early 1800’s from a neck injury from falling off a horse. Savannah was a very kind, uplifting and respectful child with a heart of gold. She was one who would always make sure others were having fun and would befriend those without friends. She loved horses and spent a great deal of time taming wild horses and riding. She is accompanied by her favorite horse, Harry, housed in a wooden rocking horse. Since they are extremely paranormally active, I ask that they be welcomed in a ghost-friendly home.

Savannah has demonstrated an incredible amount of paranormal activity, including: quickly moving orbs, white mists, cold dips in temperature, knocking on walls, electronics or lights turning on or off, doors opening and closing, full body spectral apparitions, feeling cobwebs/tingling sensations, and hearing a young girl talking. Harry also exhibits paranormal activity with hearing horse hooves trotting and distant neighing.

The Paranormal Activity associated with them varies, therefore you may or may not experience any of the following:

*cold spots or temperature fluctuations around them
*changing positions
*changing facial expressions
*a girl talking or voices heard with and without EVP recorders
*hearing horse feet galloping or distant neighing
*spectral manifestations
*hearing unexplained sounds such as tapping, banging, footsteps, knocking, etc.
*doors opening or closing
*lights turning off/on, or other unexplained electrical disturbances from tv’s, computers, printers, telephones, etc.
*unusual pleasant scents
*orbs, mist or other unexplained phenomenon
*any other paranormal activity with no reasonable explanation

Savannah’s host doll is vintage, composed of porcelain with a soft main body, about 7” tall. Harry’s wooden horse vessel measures about 6” across and 4.75” tall. When moved, the legs tap against the wood, which sounds like a horse galloping. Although created as separate pieces, Savannah’s host doll is able to sit on top of Harry’s wooden horse vessel. Their presence is felt strongly! Do you feel the sweet spirits of Savannah & Harry calling to you?

They have charming dispositions and will never harm you or intentionally try to scare you. Do not give them to a child to play with – they are not toys. They have been very friendly and engaging and like to give signs of their presence. Feel free to work with them and find out much more about them! They eagerly come through pendulums, Ouija boards, recorders, cameras and via other devices you wish to use to communicate with them. Do not acquire them if you’re unsure about the paranormal or you’d rather not have Interactive Spirits in your home.

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