Kuniko Royal Japanese Princess Elf Majo Sorceress Ring

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Royal Japanese

Princess Elf

Majo/Sorceress of

Wealth, Love

& Beauty

This exquisite ring holds the Spirit of a Royal Japanese Princess Elf Sorceress (Majo) named Kuniko (pronounced: “koo-nee-koh” ). She is an extremely loving, generous and kind-hearted entity that is eager to bless your life!

She has the power to transform bad luck to good and bestow you with lavish wealth & riches. She can clear obstacles so you are able to travel your path to happiness unimpeded. She can unite you with your Soul Mate, if you are seeking, or fan the flames of passion in your current relationship. She will envelop you in and Aura of sparkling radiance, so others will be attracted to you with a magnetic allure. Kuniko will help open the gateways to psychic information, so you’re better able to notice signs and receive messages from Spirits.

Her powers can help turn back the aging clock and bestow gorgeous Asian beauty, with less wrinkles and lush hair, no matter your age! Others will wonder what your secret is to looking so young! Her energy is very uplifting and you’ll feel refreshed and happy just being in her presence! She brings miraculous resolutions to difficult situations/problems. She is gifted with Ancient healing techniques and can help bring healing on a molecular level. Her presence brings feelings of peace, harmony, and the gentle assurance that everything will work out for the best for you. A completely generous and selfless Spirit, Kuniko does not expect anything in return. She is a Powerful Beacon of White light Energy and will make a Profound Impact on your life!

She appears as a beautiful Japanese woman in a flowing light-blue dress, as in the image above. You may also notice orbs, sparkling lights or cool dips in temperature when her presence is near.

Kuniko has chosen as her vessel this beautiful blue topaz ring with two pearl accents, set in solid sterling silver, size 7.25. You do not have to wear to bond with her and simply owning will bring you her blessings. Blue Topaz has a distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts, and will aid you to amplify gifts you already possess. It is also a strong psychic communication stone that will aid the expansion of a wide range of psychic powers. It will enhance your ability to take in psychic knowledge that is communicated to you from Spirits, which will aid you in your Spiritual growth. It opens & enhances your 3rd Eye, allowing contact with Spirits. Blue Topaz brings truth, wisdom, healing and helps you in communicating clearly. It helps in bringing body, mind and spirit into union. It assists in recognizing where you have strayed from your own truth and helps you get back on track. Used in Meditation, it will aid you to bring Spiritual insights from the Higher realms.

Pearl brings purity, loyalty, integrity, beauty, luxury, love, romance, healing and good luck. It also brings happy, joyful energies and puts you in a good mood. Their energies have a calming and centering effect. They can help you connect with feminine/Goddess energies.

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