Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Djinn Ring & Portal Box


Super Blue Blood

Moon Eclipse

King Djinn Ring

& Djinn Portal Box

During the Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, a Portal to the Djinn Realms was created! This offering is from my associate, Maantefin, Master Djinn Conjurer. This set includes a Male Djinn King housed in the Ring, accompanied by a Djinn Portal Box.

This King Djinn is a massive wealth and success bringer! He has the power of keen insight, vigilance and steadfastness, which has led to his knowledge of Arcane Secrets and the ability to unlock the chains of destiny. If you feel you’ve been stuck in a life of hardship and despair, he will break the chains to your financial freedom! Prosperity, wealth and riches will flow to you from all sources. He will instill you with strength, confidence and the passion to pursue your dreams! He will help with your Divine talents, Develop your psychic ability and Find out the truth about people close to you. He has the power of inner knowing and seeing behind the veil to reveal facts. He bestows you with the power to have others secret thoughts revealed to you, either telepathically or through dreams and visions. He will teach you power and all that you’ve forgotten or left unexplored within yourself as you reclaim your own personal Spiritual power! He is a gracious Protector and can stop all Evils from harming or affecting you. He will dissolve all psychic influences or curses others have placed on you or your heritage from years ago. He demolishes all obstacles so you are on the path to wealth & riches. This is just a very small indication of his Powers! Your experiences with him will be very personal and unique to you.

This Djinn is Gatekeeper to the Djinn Portal Box and nothing malevolent can ever get through. Thousands of Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse benevolent Djinn will automatically enter through this portal to assist you! You can ask as many and as difficult of wishes as you desire! The appropriate Djinn will eagerly come forward to help you based on your specific wishes. Or, you don’t have to do anything – they will intrinsically read your heart’s desires and start manifesting them for you! Their blessings and power is limitless!

The King Djinn’s vessel is this gorgeous Ring set with 3 Emerald gemstone set in solid sterling silver, Size 8. Each gem represents a part of the Trilogy: Super Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Eclipse. The Box is composed of Spiritual Wood from North Africa and measures about 3.5” tall by 1.5” wide. Look closely and you’ll see the faces of the Djinn in the wood! You can place any type of ring or other small Magick jewelry inside for Metaphysical cleansing, restoration and an exclusive power boost! Emeralds bring further natural blessings into your life! Emerald is a stone of great harmony, prosperity, wisdom and love. The emerald has long been the symbol of hope. It is considered by many to be the stone of prophecy. For some the emerald acts as a tranquilizer for a troubled mind. The emerald brings the wearer reason and wisdom.

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