Snake Head Fetish Voodoo God Damballa Wedo Stone

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Snake Head Fetish

Voodoo God

Damballa Wedo Stone

Damballa Wedo is one of the most revered of Loa. His essence is that of the serpent and he is closely associated with snakes. He considered to be the primordial creator of life and a Sky God. He rules wisdom/intellect, peace/harmony, spirit contact/clairvoyance, grants riches and protects the disabled.

He is a pure, active energy that will bring you uplifting and optimistic energies. Your life will transform as the negative melts away and the positive blessings start building! You will notice more and more good happening for you and to you; making you incredibly happy! Your Aura will radiate peace and joy, attracting positive people and situations; you’ll marvel at how generous others are to you and how well they treat you! He will bless you with excessive wealth & riches, making your life very comfortable with the ability to purchase what you want, whenever you want! You will build true financial security as your money grows and builds over time. He offers tremendous protection, especially against curses or others trying to do harm to you. Obstacles you once thought were holding you back will be dissolved and your goals and dreams will be well within reach!

Through the snake aspects, he will help awaken and ignite your Kundalini energy & consciousness. Kundalini energy is represented as a coiled snake at the base of your spine. This will bring you Spiritual Enlightenment as well as Supernatural Powers.

Damballa Wedo sparks creativity and perseverance, helping all aspects of your job, relationships and friendships. If you own your own business, he can help draw clients to you and entrust a lasting, successful employment.

Although anyone can welcome this stone, it will be especially beneficial for those who are starting something new; be it a new business/career, relationship, etc. As a way of “shedding your skin” and exploring your advantages with a fresh new start! He is a road-opener and will greatly bless this exciting new path before you!

Damballa Wedo is unique in that he doesn’t talk, rather he makes hissing noises like a snake, and can also convey messages through a fire source, such as a flickering candle flame. Signs can include seeing/noticing snake images more and strongly feeling his presence with you!

His vessel is from my associate, P. Jean, and features this incredible stone in the shape of a Snake’s Head and was utilized directly by Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau. Included will be a secret chant she used exclusively for this piece! It measures about 2.25” wide by just under 3” long. When I hold it, it gives off a tingling sensation that travels up my arms! No formal ritual required, he will automatically bring you his blessings! Find a special place of honor in your home for this rare & unique Magickal!

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