Akashic Celtic Fire Dragon of Samhain Amulet

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Akashic Celtic

Fire Dragon

of Samhain

This captivating Dragon was summoned using the Ancient Samhain Celtic Dragon Invocations from my Ancestors Grimoire. Electrifying and mysterious, the Akashic Celtic Dragon is an extremely beneficial companion for you on your human journey. He is a natural leader and can obliterate any obstacles or adversity that may be standing in your way of reaching your goals. His links to all of humanities lifetimes on Earth, as well as different Galaxies, can assist you in deepening your Spiritual path and bring greater clarity & awareness. He can help you in remembering and utilizing past and future life clairvoyant abilities, mediumship, clairaudience and clairsentience. He will help match anything you are wanting to create/manifest in your life with that perfect energy/vibrational level. You can join him through Astral traveling as he visits Gaia’s most Sacred Sites and taps into and activates & repairs the energy matrix surrounding the Earth, also known as “ley lines” or “dragon lines.” Doing this causes the Earth’s consciousness to shift to higher levels and become more accepting of Dragons and all Spiritual beings. This process is done through visualization through meditation or dreams. Upon returning, you will be able to integrate all that you learned and experienced; new resources and opportunities will come easily to you.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every Soul since the dawn of Creation. These records contain the stimulus for every archetypal symbol or mythic story which has ever deeply touched human behavior and experience. They have been the inspiration for dreams and invention. They mold and shape levels of human consciousness. They have the power to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the very best that she or he can be. They can help humans manifest their best and most successful future on Earth.

The ultimate money-magnet, he loves to hoard treasures and is a natural wealth generator. If you’re seeking abundance and prosperity, he can bring them to your feet. This gentle giant is incredibly fond of humans and is eager to find a loving human companion.

He manifests as a Western-looking, fire-breathing dragon, with 2 massive wings, a long tail, 4 legs and a large stocky body. His scales shimmer in orange hues, with a black underbelly and he has bright orange eyes. His Element is fire and will often manifest from within a dancing candle flame, smoke of incense or other fire sources.

He’s chosen this glowing pressed Baltic Amber Amulet set in sterling silver with two pearl accents as his vessel. Look closely at the Amber and you will see his “eye!” Sterling silver Recharging Chain included.

Baltic Amber is a fascinating gem, it appears to Swirl with liquid-like properties! It naturally Promotes Good Luck and Success and dissolves barriers. Early physicians prescribed amber for headaches, heart problems, arthritis and a variety of other ailments. In ancient times, amber was carried by travelers for protection. To early Christians, amber signified the presence of the Lord. In the Far East, amber is the symbol of courage; Asian cultures regard amber as the 'soul of the tiger.' Egyptians placed a piece of amber in the casket of a loved one to ensure the body would forever remain whole.

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