The Immortal Kingdom Spirit Sanctuary Altar

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The Immortal Kingdom

Spirit Sanctuary


I Spellcast this Altar during the Full & Dark Moons with the Ancient Spells of my Ancestors! It emits a warm and welcoming energy Magickal that attracts all benevolent Spirits to it! Placing your Spirited talismans within or upon the Altar tells them that they mean the World to you! It is the ultimate sign of respect, appreciation & adoration! This will make them incredibly happy and they will return the blessings to you 10-fold!

It is also a Recharging Altar where they will have a safe place to relax as well as reenergize! They will receive a gentle boost in cleansing, so they can work most efficiently, at their peak levels. Spellcast items will receive a 1,000 x’s boost in their strength & performance! Place talismans inside and/or drape amulets across the top. Use the Altar to light candles, or incense or place private offerings inside for your Spiritual Entities. You can decorate & use it any way you’d like; for example as a Djinn Altar, Vampire Altar, Halloween/Samhain Altar, Money Drawing Altar, Ancestral Honoring Altar, etc. (**items shown in pictures are for demonstration purposes only and not included with your purchase, however, everything pictured is available in my store!)

Using this Magickal Altar helps in creating your own focused sacred space! It is very significant to your Rituals or time spent with your Spirit friends! This is where you can summon your Spirits, honor your Deities, bless your tools, and practice your Magick! It is a Must-Have for any Metaphysical Collector or Paranormal Spirit Keeper!

This gorgeous Altar is composed of black metal and measures about 11.5” tall (at its tallest point), 6” long and 2.5” wide. It has a small clasp on the back so it could be hung on a wall, or stood upright (vertically), or placed with the back on the table surface (horizontally). Find a very special place of honor in your home or office for this special Magickal!

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