Kingdom of Riches Merlin Knights Templar Ring

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Kingdom of Riches


Knights Templar


This Ring was imbued during a secret Ceremony by the Sinclair Sect of the Knights Templar. Utilizing the Ancient Spell Codes of Merlin the Magician, this Ring will manifest your own Personal Kingdom of Riches. Wealth and money will start to flow freely to you, as previous obstacles/blockages are obliterated. Success will envelop you in all areas of your life.

Once in your hands, you will be granted immeasurable Wealth, Complete Protection from all Evils and a much deeper Spiritual Awareness!

The Spirit of Merlin is also attached to this Ring and he can manifest through visions, dreams and daydreams.

You will gain the following blessings from this Ring:
*Banishes all monetary and financial issues by helping you experience the blessings of Real Financial Security and Prosperity. Your finances will grow and multiply through the days and weeks ahead.

*Creates unique opportunities for you to experience the blessings of good fortune, opulence & true happiness through successful business and interpersonal relationships. You will also have better odds in winning lotteries, games of chance, etc.

*Brings good health, well-being and a more youthful, radiant appearance.

*Sends a Spiritual signal to your SoulMate that will lead him/her directly to you

*Ultimate protection when confronted with aggression and physical danger. You will be shielded from all harm when in the presence of negative people & evil forces.

*Exerts a pleasant sensation that helps make you irresistible to any person you desire.

*Deep healing from the natural restorative energies of Camelot

* Memory Enhancement and Past Life Regression/remembrance

*Strength, self-confidence, optimism and endurance

*3rd Eye Awakening/Spirit Communication

The Kingdom of Riches Ring features a deep green Onyx gemstone set in sterling silver, Size 8.75. You do not have to wear the Ring to experience Merlin’s Magick, simply carry with you or keep in a special place.

If you feel a strong attraction to this Ring and you’re not able to stop thinking about it, it has special blessings in store for you!

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