Love Enchantress Sabaean High Priestess Djinn Ring

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Love Enchantress Sabaean High Priestess Djinn

This incredible entity is brought to you by Maantefin using powerful Arabian Magick. This beautiful Sabaean High Priestess Djinn will intercede with the Universal forces of Love on your behalf. She was personal attendant to the Queen of Sheba, who attracted the powerful King Solomon with her charms. This is a top-level Djinn with the powers to change your life!

This gorgeous Djinn will be your closest companion and faithful servant! She is an expert in all matters of Love & Romance. Your Aura will radiate confidence and beauty and others will be magnetically attracted to you. You will have your pick of lovers to choose from! If you feel you are cursed or unlucky in Love, she can turn all of that around!  If you are seeking your Soul Mate, she can bring him or her directly to you, making an instant and strong connection that will never break. If you are already in a relationship, she will enhance the passion, sexual excitement and faithfulness of your partner. She will increase your sexual libido and help you fulfill all of your wildest fantasies. She can secretly create an Aura of Lust and Spiritually envelop this over whomever you choose, so they fall madly in love with you! He or she will obsessively think and dream about you; making them crave your companionship. This Djinn will erase all past love traumas and mistakes from the Akashic records, so only positive love energies will be surrounding you and drawn to you. If you happen to have a broken heart, she will heal it fully, making you feel happy, uplifted and enthusiastic about your future relationships.

Besides fulfilling all of your Love Wishes, this High Priestess Djinn will use her Magick to bestow you with the powers of wealth, success, enhanced psychic abilities, 3rd Eye opening, creativity, strength, endurance through difficulty, victory over defeat, advancement opportunities, stronger intuition, attraction to luck & prosperity and protection against evil. You can ask ANY and as MANY wishes you desire of her! Her entire existence is to make you happy!

She can manifest in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to!): orbs, flashes of light, misty vapors or in human form as a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and piercing green eyes.

Her vessel is this beautiful Ring featuring peridot and blue topaz gems set in sterling silver, size 5. I was shocked to see amazing paranormal manifestations during her photo session!  Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her blessings.

Do you feel a strong attraction to this listing? If you can’t stop thinking about her, then she wants to go home with You! You have been led here for a Reason!

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