Stonehenge Alien Craft Base Illuminati Ring & Stone Set

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Stonehenge Alien

Craft Base Illuminati

Ring & Stone Set

This set is from the private collection of my associate, Lord Sinclair, and was imbued years ago during a covert nighttime Illuminati ceremony at Stonehenge. Stonehenge was created on a major planetary grid-point over 5,000 years ago. During the Solstices, the sun perfectly aligns within the megaliths. These stones symbolize our planetary bodies and is a landing base for UFO crafts.

This is a Top Secret set, the likes of which are not typically offered to the public. It acts as a beacon to attract friendly & helpful Aliens, known to have formed the “Confederation of Humans.” This classified Alien organization was created to protect and assist humans from hostile Aliens. These races include Pleadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and Human/Alien Hybrids. Welcome this set into your life and you welcome their protection, guidance and Universal Wisdom that will be relayed during dreams and visions. This type of knowledge will advance you greatly on your human course, awaken you to the highest of Spiritual levels and bring you miraculous blessings. You’ll be escorted aboard UFO Spacecrafts and shown remarkable insights. Wealth, success, love, happiness ~ anything you desire will be magnetically drawn to you. You will also receive deep healing on a cellular level, helping heal all dis-ease and granting incredible longevity. Your life will take on greater meaning as you are cloaked in the phenomenal energies of this set!

Anyone can welcome this set, especially those who are Lightworkers, Starseeds, Crystals or Indigos. If you feel a deep connect to Space/Aliens and/or that Earth is your 2nd home, you should welcome this set.

The ring is composed of stainless steel, size 8, with spinning columns. The shimmering Gemstone it sits upon is included. It was unearthed from a secret location at Stonehenge and more information on this amazing artifact will be included in your shipment.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration.

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