Blue Moon Carpathian Female Werewolf Ring


Blue Moon Carpathian

Female Werewolf
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This beautiful Werewolf was summoned during a Rare Blue Moon Ritual that included specialized oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Werewolf Invocations. She’s from the mysterious and haunted Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine. She is eager to bring you her loyal companionship and wondrous blessings!

This beautiful Werewolf brings amazing blessings of wealth, business success, confidence, motivation, creativity, love, protection, psychic enhancement and hypnotic attraction from others. She is a wish-manifestor and can quickly bring you your deepest wishes & dreams. She will help you relax so that what you desire will manifest through greater intuitive insights and awareness, as though you’re being carried along swiftly with less effort and stress. She will gently cleanse your Aura so that it is bright & radiant. This will allow solutions & answers to flow directly to you through your dreams, visions and daydreams. She has a lovely grounding energy that will help you focus and direct your energies to that which will bring you the greatest blessings. She will help obliterate obstacles and keep negative people from dragging you down. She also has a fun-loving, playful attitude and will help bring joy & laughter into your life!

She is also a sexual Spirit and would relish an intimate relationship with you. She will bring erotic pleasures to a whole new level. She is never jealous and understands you benefit from all relationships (physical and Spiritual) in your life. If you choose not to have an intimate relationship with her you can still form just as strong bonds of friendship.

She can shapeshift at any time (not only during the full moon), and in human form is gorgeous with long dark brown hair and golden-hazel eyes. In wolf form, her fur is all dark brown.

She’s chosen as her vessel this beautiful stainless steel ring with a dark blue stone, and two small white cz stone accents, Size 7. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her remarkable blessings.

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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