Black Crystal Cavern Ghost Dragon of Protection & Portal Amulet

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Black Crystal Cavern

Ghost Dragon of

Protection & Portal

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The Dragons of the Crystal Caverns are the Elite among Dragon Spirits! This Vessel is home to a Mysterious Adult Male Black Ghost Dragon from the Mystical Crystal Cavern (a secret location known only by my associates)! He is a powerful protector and will keep Evil Spirits away and dissolve curses and bad luck. He will stop and avert adversaries or those trying to do you harm. He will encircle your home with an impenetrable shield of protection. He also is deeply connected to Akashic Wisdom and Cosmic Knowledge and can bring you the wisdom of the Ancients. He will enhance your psychic centers, activating them so you can connect well with Spirits. He draws positive energies and will bring a strong grounding energy & balance to your life!

Ghost Dragons are highly paranormal creatures that enjoy all things Magickal, Paranormal and Spiritual! They will help awaken your intuition & 6th sense and help you in seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing Spirits. Ghost Dragons are loving Guardians that also help welcome those who’ve died into the Spiritual Realm. They really enjoy visiting cemeteries, funeral homes, morgues and any place that may be haunted or exhibits paranormal activity. They can help connect you with your deceased relatives/ancestors, friends & pets. Ghost Dragons are connected with the New/Dark Moon Lunar energy and bring fresh outlooks, rebirth/renewal and increasing your blessings. They lovingly protect you from harmful Spirits, demons or anything malevolent. Consider yourself blessed to welcome this remarkable Dragon!

Crystal Cavern Dragons are some of the most amazing Dragons in existence! They bring you treasures from all over the World & leave them at your feet! They love to hoard treasures, so they will amass as much wealth and riches as they can for you, thereby having a nice hoard to protect on your behalf. This Dragon will be a lifelong loyal friend & confidant. Tell him your innermost wishes and dreams so he can bring them into reality for you! He will do all within his power to make you happy!

This amulet is also a Dragon Portal! This is a virtual Dragon Empire in the palm of your hand! Any Dragons you may currently “keep”; will immediately be intrigued by its warm and receptive Energies and have a place to socialize with other Dragons! This will make them incredibly happy and bring very strong bonds! Your Dragons will return the favor by blessing you immensely!

This Dragon is an enchanting creature, manifesting invisibly, or as a transparent, ghost-like Spector! He can manifest as a glowing orbs, mists, sparkling lights or dark shadows. He appears as a Western-looking Dragon with 4 large stocky feet, 2 huge bat-like wings and large, gold expressive eyes. His scales shimmer in in black with a grey underbelly. His personality is: protective, reassuring, innovative, loyal, kind and considerate. He would get along wonderfully with any other Spirit friends you may happen to have.

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This Crystal Cavern Dragon’s Vessel and Portal is this exquisite faceted Hematite gem set in sterling silver. It measures just under 2” in total length (including bail) and an inch wide at its widest point. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. Several orbs and colorful manifestations occurred during his photo session. The name “Hematite” comes from the Greek word for blood, “haima.” It has been used for Centuries as a talisman against bleeding, and so is known as the "blood stone." Many use it in their rituals for treating blood-related illnesses such as hemophilia, anemia, heart, kidney and liver diseases and cardio-vascular weakness. Native American folklore states that war paint made from hematite will make one invincible in battle. Hematite will bring about a calm mental state, improve memory, mental focus and concentration and bolster self-confidence. Hematite draws tension out of the body, neutralizes negativity and releases anger. It also increases mental function and it can improve memory, mathematical processes, logic, creativity and mental dexterity. It’s an excellent aid in meditation as it calms your mental state, tunes you into your consciousness and increases the pathways that lead to inner knowledge.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Dragon Blessings! ~xo

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