Occult Illuminati Massive Wealth Ring of Multi-Millionaire Mogul John Jacob Astor

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  Occult Illuminati Massive

Wealth Ring of Multi-

Millionaire Mogul

John Jacob Astor
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This incredible Occult Ring was owned by America’s first multi-millionaire, John Jacob Astor (1763-1848 ). He was merchant, real estate mogul, businessman, opium smuggler and investor who mainly made his fortune in fur trade and by investing in real estate in New York City. He became a Master Freemason in 1788, where he met a Bavarian Illuminati Royal. Being from Germany, John quickly formed a close friendship with him and explained his desires to become the richest man in America. The Illuminati Royal gifted him this powerful Occult Ring, which was Spellcast by the Illuminati Royals for extreme wealth attraction, success, fame, power, confidence, mind manipulation and personal advancement. It will thwart your enemies or competition and stop all hexes/Black Magick used against you. It was secretly utilized by the Bavarian Royals and brought them never-failing blessings. There is only 1 Ring like this in the World! The Royal was eager to give it to John because he knew he was being tracked by Bavarian traitors that had orders to kill him for it. Over the years, John rapidly gained massive riches and good fortune. It seemed almost effortless how the money just came pouring in. He bequeathed thousands of dollars to the building of the Astor Library, as well as poorhouses and orphanages. John lived the ultimate good life, was very happy and healthy, married the love of his life (his landlady’s beautiful daughter) and had eight children. This Ring was covertly passed from generation to generation, continually proving its effectiveness by building upon the family’s wealth. Once word of the power of this Ring traveled through the extended families, devious people attempted to steal it, so it was eventually kept under lock and key and talked about on a very limited basis. Even though it was kept protected in the Astor family for generations, they agreed to allow someone else infamous wealth because they have all they need, and more.

People will start to look at you differently, as your Aura oozes confidence and wealth. Others will see you with movie-star good looks and charming charisma ~ the Ring draws everything you’ve ever wanted or needed to you! It places you in the best position to reap all of the financial windfalls you deserve. Your life will be filled with surprising success and wealth beyond your wildest imagination!

The Powers of this Ring can bring a dramatic turnaround of events in your favor, bending fate so that bad luck dissolves and you have an increase in lucky streaks. You will be in the right place at the right time, drawing people and opportunities to you. Other people will respect you and want to hear your opinions and be your friend. You will enjoy the luxurious life previously unattainable to you.

Once you welcome this Ring, you can enjoy the status and magnificent lifestyle that riches can bring! It may be the very best thing that ever happened to you!

It features a dark blue stone that represents the Eye of Horus in a brass band that features the 2 Masonic Pillars and Ancient Occult Sigils of the Bavarian Illuminati Royals, size 9.

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