Green Wealth Drawing Crystal Cavern Ghost Dragon & Portal Amulet

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Green Wealth Drawing

Crystal Cavern Ghost

Dragon & Portal 
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The Dragons of the Crystal Caverns are the Elite among Dragon Spirits! This Vessel is home to a Rare adult Male Green Ghost Dragon from the Mystical Crystal Cavern (a secret location known only by my associates)! He has powerful wealth-drawing abundance energies and money is attracted to him like a magnet! He will lead you to the best opportunities to obtain vast financial gains & prosperity, allowing your riches to continually build and build. He brings powerful protection over all of your financial matters.

Ghost Dragons are highly paranormal creatures that enjoy all things Magickal, Paranormal and Spiritual! They will help awaken your intuition & 6th sense and help you in seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing Spirits. Ghost Dragons are loving Guardians that also help welcome those who’ve died into the Spiritual Realm. They really enjoy visiting cemeteries, funeral homes, morgues and any place that may be haunted or exhibits paranormal activity. They can help connect you with your deceased relatives/ancestors, friends & pets. Ghost Dragons are connected with the New/Dark Moon Lunar energy and bring fresh outlooks, rebirth/renewal and increasing your blessings. They lovingly protect you from harmful Spirits, demons or anything malevolent. Consider yourself blessed to welcome this remarkable Dragon!

Crystal Cavern Dragons are some of the most amazing Dragons in existence! They bring you treasures from all over the World & leave them at your feet! They love to hoard treasures, so they will amass as much wealth and riches as they can for you, thereby having a nice hoard to protect on your behalf. This Dragon will be a lifelong loyal friend & confidant. Tell him your innermost wishes and dreams so he can bring them into reality for you! He will do all within his power to make you happy!

This amulet is also a Dragon Portal! This is a virtual Dragon Empire in the palm of your hand! Any Dragons you may currently “keep”; will immediately be intrigued by its warm and receptive Energies and have a place to socialize with other Dragons! This will make them incredibly happy and bring very strong bonds! Your Dragons will return the favor by blessing you immensely!

The Ghost Dragon is an enchanting creature, manifesting invisibly, or as a transparent, ghost-like Spector! He can manifest as a glowing orbs, mists or sparkling lights. He appears as a Western-looking Dragon with 4 large stocky feet, 2 huge bat-like wings and large, blue expressive eyes. His scales shimmer in hues of green with a gold underbelly. His personality is: confident, gracious, attentive, friendly, skillful and resourceful. He would get along wonderfully with any other Spirit friends you may happen to have.

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This Crystal Cavern Dragon’s Vessel and Portal is this exquisite Green Copper Malachite gem set in solid .925 sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging chain included. This unique gem holds unique beneficial Orgone properties. Orgone energy is life force energy, which surrounds all active life forms. This gem naturally converts any negative Orgone energy that may be surrounding you, into positive ions. It enhances psychic awareness, visualization, intuition, and your natural psychic abilities. It promotes natural health, concentration, & spiritual growth. It creates a calmer home and environment. It creates & balances your own natural energy. It neutralize harmful effects of ELF & EMF radiation. It enhances happier moods that are very noticeable. It promotes lucid dreams and OBEs. It clear's one’s space of negative entities, helps you reach a higher vibration of energies and helps cleanse the Chakra's. Malachite has been used to aid success in business and protect against undesirable business associations. It is a gemstone of wealth and balance in relationships. An Excellent gemstone for identifying, recognizing and releasing negative experiences, especially one that you cannot recall. This is particularly useful for people on a spiritual path, or in recovery, for releasing guilt.

All information will be included in your shipment, including a beautiful parchment page, a recharging pouch, a Spellcast candle and Spellcast incense!

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