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Arcturian Alien Doctor

Natural DNA Healer 
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Arcturians are the most loving and non-judgmental beings you can possibly imagine. They are Aliens from the Bootes Constellation. They possess universal knowledge about the greater meanings of spiritual and mental health. Arcturians teach about love, peace, and spirit. They teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. Negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for love and light. They have been endlessly protecting the Earth. They use their Starship, Athena, which is propelled by crystals that are not from Earth, but from a planet in the Milky Way that has yet to be discovered. These crystals have a way of conducting light energy from the Sun. Many souls are brought to the Arcturian Starships during the dream state where they are worked on and helped, although the Arcturians never invade a person's free choice. The Arcturians are here to assist humans in entering the fourth and fifth dimensions of reality and in raising their vibrational frequencies. They stand as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the universe. They are incredible healers and can assist humans at the cellular and DNA levels, bringing profound healing that is “out of this world.”

This gorgeous ring houses a Male Healer Alien; a specialized Shaman-like Natural healer that uses Secret Universal wisdom & methods of healing that has lost through time. He would be classified as a Doctor on our planet, although, he treats the entire human body system, not just physically, but Spiritually and emotionally as well. He will tap into other dimensions to draw out physical ailments and draw in intense restorative & rejuvenating energies. Working as your Spiritual health guide, he will vibrationally cleanse & align your Chakras and Spiritually enhance your DNA; with the ability to gently repair what is damaged & forge new, stronger nerve pathways in all areas of the body. This Entity will work closely with your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self, bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. He can help you work through your emotions to help you release anguish, despair, anxiety and fear.

He is about 7 feet tall and very slender, with pale blue/grey skin and large, almond shaped black eyes. He emits a very loving, understanding and kind energy and you may strongly feeling his presence with you.

You can work with him in any way that you feel most comfortable. He will provide limitless benefits whether or not you use him with intention, however, when used with intention, this Ring becomes much more powerful, and you will begin to see amazing changes manifest in your Life! His vessel is this mystifying Labradorite ring, set in sterling silver, Size: 9.25. The center gem is surrounded by sparkling amethyst and blue topaz gems, giving it the appearance of a UFO. The luminosity you see when you wear or hold this ring is the glow of otherworldly healing energy enveloping and entering all of your bodies; Spiritual, Physical, & Emotional. As this Energy enters your body, it retunes the energies that are there to the vibrations of peace and harmony as well as repair damaged cells & DNA.

Labradorite is a natural power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is a mystical stone revealing shimmering iridescent colors, often dark blues and greens. It has the ability to help one reactivate ancient memories that are relevant to one’s present growth. It also helps one transcend the sense of separateness; dissolving personal boundaries and aligns you with the One/Divine Source. It accelerates telepathic abilities. It assists communication with Higher Self and Spirit Guides. It deepens meditation and helps you to see more clearly while you do so. It strengthens intuition, discernment, inspiration and imagination and helps balance/stabilize the movement of the sexual/life-force (kundalini). Relaxing and calming, Amethyst is a stone of psychic power. Wearing it helps promote meditation, peace, tranquility and oneness with your spiritual goals. It enhances and strengthens the powers of the bearer and helps attune with the higher self, dispelling fears, heightening intuition and helping to embrace your own intuitive wisdom. Amethyst is a "negative ion", which attracts poisonous "positive ions" to it, thus clearing the air around the wearer and helping to make it more breathable. Amethyst is also said to be a stone of sobriety, and can help the wearer become free of addictive tendencies.

Blue Topaz brings has a distinct energy for strengthening psychic gifts... and will aid you to amplify gifts you already possess. It is also a strong psychic communication stone, that will aid the expansion of a range of psychic powers. It will enhance your ability to take in psychic knowledge that is communicated to you from Aliens, which will aid your Spiritual growth. It opens & enhances your 3rd Eye, allowing contact with Spirits and Aliens. Blue Topaz brings truth, wisdom, healing and helps you in communicating clearly. It helps in bringing body, mind and spirit into union. It assists in recognizing where you have strayed from your own truth. Used in Meditation, it will aid you to bring Spiritual insights through from the Higher realms.

Disclaimer: ***Do not substitute using this ring for proper Medical Care. The information provided in this listing is intended for your knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified healthcare provider. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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