Sweet Female Lupo Mannaro Italian Werewolf Claw Amulet


  Sweet Female Lupo Mannaro Italian Werewolf
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This sweet Italian Lupo Mannaro Werewolf was summoned by several Masters of Stregheria (Italian Witchcraft); La Vecchia Religione ("the Old Religion” ) during a clandestine Midnight Ritual that included specialized Werewolf Sacred oils, herbs, incense and Ancient Incantations. Bathed in the rays of several Tuscan Full Moons, this vessel holds immense lunar power as well. This Rare type of Werewolf is strong allies with the Exclusive Stregoni Benefici Italian Vampires that I offer! They are some of the most impressive and compelling Lycans you’ll encounter! I am honored to be your Only source for these Authentic Werewolves!

This lovely Werewolf brings positive blessings in all areas. She is an incredibly loyal, passionate and positive Spirit. She will help you form a deep connection with your Spiritual-self, enhancing your intuition and strengthening your instincts. She will also help you release negative energies and that which no longer serves your higher good, so you can live life more freely. She will bring happiness and excitement to your everyday endeavors. She brings deep healing utilizing Ancient Werewolf Magick. She can intensify the strength, passion and confidence of your inner Wolf!

This wise Werewolf will be a wonderful guide, teacher and, if you so desire, sexual companion. She will help you connect or reconnect with your true life’s passions & Spiritual quests. She will enhance your awareness & natural psychic abilities, helping you with past life work, assist with animal communication, and bring you strength, confidence and agility. She will bring love & romance into your life by attracting loving partners, both physical and Spirits. Her powers also include: Beauty & Glamour, Lavish Wealth, Popularity, House Protection, Luck & Fortunes, and Protection from Psychic Attacks and Black Magick.

She can shapeshift at any time (not only during the full moon) and can transform into a full wolf, full human, or somewhere in between. In human form, she is gorgeous with caramel-colored skin, long brown hair and light-brown eyes. In Wolf form, her fur is a combination of brown, tan, white & black. Her personality is: playful, attentive, caring, generous, intuitive and wise. She can also manifest in the shape of orbs, mists, odd light forms, feeling a cold breeze or strongly feeling her presence with you. Signs from her can include seeing more wolf, moon or werewolf related imagery.

She’s chosen as her vessel this beautiful Werewolf “Claw” bone amulet set in .925 sterling silver. Free sterling silver Recharging Chain included.

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest blessings! ~xo

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