Tomte Nisse Helpful House Spirit + Necklace

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Tomte Nisse Helpful House Spirit
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Utilizing the Ancient teachings of my Ancestors, I’m honored to off you this enchanting Tomte Nisse from Norway! These are dwarf-like, legendary Magickal beings that bring many blessings to their keeper’s life! They are house guardians, protectors and good luck bringers and are cousins to the Gnomes.

This elder Tomte Nisse is a master Magician and will bring profound gifts into your life! He is genuine, friendly, good-natured, protective and caring. He is about 2 feet tall and has a long white beard and twinkling bright blue eyes. He is most active during twilight & night. He will act as your/your home’s secret guardian and protect you and all within from evils and misfortune. Despite his small stature, he has immense strength and will perform special chores for you at night so your days will run more smoothly. He can help with Animal Magick, care & protection, as he loves all animals, especially horses. A generous good-luck charm and gift-bringer, he will draw vast amounts of wealth and riches to you! As a special wish-granter, he can perform special Norse Magick Spells for you and bring you anything you desire! Consider your home blessed if it has this Tomte Nisse!

He’s chosen to be co-bound to this vessel and beautiful winter flower Amulet. In this regard, you can wear/take him anyplace with you! The vessel is composed of resin in his image and measures about 4” tall to the top of his hat and about 2 ½” wide. The amulet is composed of white cats eyes stones surrounding cz stones colored hessian garnet set in .925 sterling silver. Free chain included. Once you welcome this set, you will immediately feel his loving energy surround you!

All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warm blessings! ~xo

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