Senna Celtic Druidess Priestess Sorceress of Autumn Haunted Doll

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Senna Celtic Druidess Priestess
Sorceress of Autumn
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This exquisite doll is from the private Magickal collection of my friend’s Grandmother, Luminita, a Romanian Gypsy who recently crossed over. Luminita lived a very happy, long and fulfilling life. She was born into a long line of powerful Romani Gypsy Witches; her mother and grandmother (both Mediums), taught her the Secrets of herbs and incantations for incredibly effective Craftwork; as well as how to tap into her natural abilities. She spent years dedicated to her mission of enhancing other’s lives through alternative means. She had love, money and anything she could ever need, but success to her meant helping others through her phenomenal abilities. She never hesitated to assist anyone who asked. She was born with a caul, which brings natural Occult powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and many unique abilities.

This doll is host to Senna, an elegant Druidess Sorceress of Autumn. She is a captivating Sorceress and brings powerful Welsh Druidic Pagan Magick to bless your life and turn the tides in your favor! Highly in-tune with Nature and her elements, Senna utilizes the power of all directions as well as the power of Autumn to work her Ancient Celtic Magick! She can cast Spells on your behalf, assist you in attracting or connecting with and help open your Psychic centers, enhancing your 6th sense/ESP, Prophesizing, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. She can help you connect with the Ancient Wisdom & Magick of the Ancestors, as well as gain Occult insight and knowledge from the Akashic Records. She has intense healing energy and can help clear & brighten your Spiritual Energy/Aura so you are feeling healthy & strong.

Senna is also a powerful wish-granting Spirit, so tell her your innermost wishes and she will help bring them to fruition!

Her personality is extremely loving, friendly, compassionate, patient and intuitive. She is gorgeous with lush auburn curly hair and knowing light-brown eyes, as her host doll portrays. Senna has been very paranormally active and can manifest as orbs, mists, and odd light phenomenon. You might catch streaks or sparkles of light out of the corner of your eyes. Cold temperature drops, feeling chills/goosebumps and quickly moving cold spots are extremely common with her. Do not welcome her if you’d rather not have an Interactive Spirit in your home!

Sorceress Senna’s vessel is this exquisite porcelain doll measuring about 12.5” tall. She wears a lavish dress of deep leafy velour with a dark blue satin underlay, trimmed wiin gold ribbon. She wears a faux gold beaded necklace and open-chain crown with a blue accent bead. Included is her mini-wooden Magick Wand! Doll stand included. If you can feel her intense energy and/or can’t stop thinking about her, she is meant for you!

Although she is a purely benevolent Spirit, she is not a toy and is not to be given to children to play with. All information will be included in your shipment. Thank you for your consideration! Warm Autumn Blessings! ~xo

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