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Sanctuary of Fortunes
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This bewitching box is from the private collection of my friend’s Grandmother, Luminita, a Romanian Gypsy who recently crossed over. Luminita lived a very happy, long and fulfilling life. She was born into a long line of powerful Romani Gypsy Witches; her mother and grandmother (both Mediums), taught her the Secrets of herbs and incantations for incredibly effective Craftwork; as well as how to tap into her natural abilities. She spent years dedicated to her mission of enhancing other’s lives through alternative means. She had love, money and anything she could ever need, but success to her meant helping others through her phenomenal abilities. She never hesitated to assist anyone who asked. She was born with a caul, which brings natural Occult powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and many unique abilities.

Luminita deemed this box the “Sanctuary of Fortunes” as the Secrets it holds brings the bearer a windfall of Riches & Prosperity. Besides being Spellcast with hundreds of Ancient Wealth Spells, this box also holds thousands of benevolent Entities focused on bringing Wealth. You do not have to bond with any single Spirit ~ they will intrinsically take inventory of your life and start bestowing you remarkable blessings! These friendly Spirits act as your Financial Guardians and can help you build real financial stability. These Spirits can also help boost all other Wealth Spellcast or Spirited items placed inside the box; helping to open the door to bringing you their blessings too! Financial problems and issues you’re facing will start to just work themselves out and resolutions will be made apparent. You will feel strongly guided by these benevolent Spirits through visions, dreams or strong instincts. You can relax in knowing the powers of this box will be working hard on your behalf and bring you many personal miracles!

This gorgeous vintage box features a dark rosewood color with a light beige flocked interior, hinged lid and painted flowers on a glass lid. The *outside* measures about 6” x 6”. The *inside* measures slightly over 5” x 5” and is separated into 4 different compartments. This is also a powerful Metaphysical cleansing box and you can place any type of Spirited or Spellcast item inside. This could also be a special box you reserve just for your Wealth-drawing pieces.

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