Matthew Baby Boy Ghost Haunted Doll



“Matthew” Active Haunted Baby Boy
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For your consideration is this highly active haunted doll. My friends in the investigative field of Paranormal Research encounter many haunted dolls, relics and other items from their ghost hunting investigations. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include Mel-meter, Ovilus X, SB-7 Spirit box, K2, cameras, handheld voice thermal and video recorders and other inventions. They spend a lot of time doing background research on the locations they investigate. They do not claim everything they capture is paranormal and always use debunking techniques to further validate the haunting. According to their strict findings, these items have been deemed uncommonly paranormal and meant for the discerning haunted collector. This item is for mature adults only - you must be at least 21 to purchase.

This doll is host to the Spirit of a 10 month old baby boy named “Matthew” who passed away in a car accident. You cannot help but smile when you look at this little sweetheart! Matthew is a very outgoing, happy, playful and loving baby! Matthew is in need of a Mommy (or Daddy) to love him. You do not have to cater to him 24/7, but spend time with him when you’re able. You might even have another haunted doll/Spirit already that could help care for him. If you so desire, you can read him his favorite story, “The 3 Bears” and/or sing him his favorite song, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” He also loves to play peek-a-boo.

Matthew’s paranormal activity is off the charts! He demonstrates a great deal of anomalies: orbs, shadows, misty vapors, odd light manifestations, cold spots, disembodied giggles and cooing and spectral manifestations. Due to his extremely supernatural nature, I ask that he be welcomed into a ‘ghost friendly’ home.

The Paranormal Activity associated with him varies, so the things you may or may not experience with him include the following:
*hot/cold spots or fluctuations around the doll or within the room
*changing positions
*changing facial expressions
*detached giggling, cooing, babbling and crying, heard with and without digital recorders
*hearing unexplained sounds such as tapping, knocking, etc.
*lights turning off/on, or other unexplained electrical disturbances from tv’s, computers, printers, telephones, etc.
*unusual pleasant odors
*orbs, mist or other unexplained phenomenon
*any other paranormal phenomenon with no reasonable explanation


Matthew’s host vessel is made of porcelain with a soft body and measures about 12” tall. His feet can bend from a standing to sitting position. His arms are somewhat bendable and his head can turn. He wears a cute giraffe outfit. He has tousled blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes that speak volumes! Do you feel Matthew’s sweet Spirit calling to you?!


Matthew has a charming disposition and will never harm you or intentionally try to scare you. Do not give him to a child to play with - he is Not a toy! He has been very friendly and engaging and likes to give signs of his presence. Do Not acquire this vessel if you’re unsure about the paranormal or you’d rather not have an Interactive Spirit in your home.


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