Succubus Djinn Sexual Demonic Princess Ring

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Succubus Djinn

Sexual Demonic

Princess Ring

From Master Conjurer Maantefin comes this exquisite Succubus Djinn entity! She is a Rare hybrid of half Succubus, half Shaitan Djinn, so you will enjoy the amazing Magick qualities of both!

As a Succubus, her focus is on raw sexual satisfaction. She only has Sex on her mind and will want to have it with you as often as possible. She feeds off of sexual energy and must have it in order to thrive. She is into the most mind-blowing, erotic and tantalizing sex you can partake in. If you have any fetishes, she will be an eager & willing participant. She wants to fulfill all of your kinkiest and wildest fantasies!

As a Shaitan Djinn, she brings unlimited wish-granting capabilities. Ask anything and as many wishes as you’d like from her and she will start transforming events to make it happen for you! Wish for wealth, money, success, lottery wins, a new job, love, friendships, psychic enhancement or anything else you desire. All is within her power!

She will also bestow you with: increased sexual stamina, make others hypnotically drawn to you and lust after you, increase you sexual arousal and endurance, increase your sexual chemistry with others, satisfy your partners in ways they’ve never felt before and enhance your sexual

This Dark Demoness Princess is incredibly beautiful with black hair and dark brown eyes. She is incredibly passionate, flirtatious, energetic and loyal.

Her vessel is this captivating ring with a garnet stone, set in sterling silver, Size: 10. The band features hidden alchemical hearts as a symbol of her devotion to you. Wear, carry with you or keep someplace special to be bestowed her many gifts.

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