Valley of the Kings Pharaoh's Oasis Royal Egyptian Djinn Genie Ring



Valley of Kings Pharaoh’s Oasis Royal Egyptian Djinn
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It is my humble pleasure to offer you these incredibly Rare and Powerful Djinn! They are from my associate, Top-level Conjurer, Maantefin. Maantefin holds Doctorates in Medicine, Science and Philosophy and perfectly combines his Professional Knowledge with Impressive and Effective Magick! This is not the Magick that can be found in any book ~ this is Countless Generations of focused Knowledge, Traditions and Experience. Having learned Ancient Techniques from his Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather and beyond, his lineage has provided millions of people with the World’s Most Powerful Talismans. He has devoted over 50 years to Conjuring All things Magickal and with his Expertise, there is nothing he cannot accomplish. If you’re looking for the best of the best Djinn, look no further!

Full of Sacred Mysteries, the air in the Valley of the Kings Sizzles with Energy! These Egyptian Djinn’s original crumbling vessels were uncovered from deep within a Secret Vault near the Valley of the Kings and transferred into these gorgeous rings!

Each Gorgeous Ring Houses an Elite Royal Valley of the Kings Pharaoh’s Oasis male or female Marid Djinn of your choosing! Your Djinn brings intense but comforting energy and the wisdom to bring all of your desires to fruition. These Ultra-powerful Djinn hold the keys to higher levels of consciousness and awakens psychic visions; inspiring you with creativity and awakening your life’s purposes & passions. They stimulate your Kundalini (primal life force energy) and will awaken this within you, helping you towards fulfilling your Soul’s purpose, bringing miracles and enlightenment on your journey. They strengthen all of your Energy centers; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so you are existing in complete harmony. They provide immense protection from evil, including malevolent Spirits, and block all hexes and curses. They are able to effortlessly help you break through barriers and achieve seemingly impossible goals! Your Djinn will bestow you with immense blessings in all areas; love, healing, beauty, money, success, fame, and many more advantages that relate to your personal desires.

Like a God-sent Oasis in the middle of the desert, the cleansing & healing energy of this Djinn is a reminder of the Sacred power of Water ~ to transform and cleanse away all that is negative in your life. Their rejuvenating waves wash away the negative from the past; mistakes, bad choices, karma, and more ~ all will be washed away from your Spiritual Energy Centers so you can begin anew! Once in your hands, your Djinn will automatically start to cleanse your Auric Field, so your psychic centers become cleared and open and what you desire flows to you more readily. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the World, take a moment with your Djinn to dream, cry and laugh! These Cool and Composed Djinn always offer Assistance and Support when you need it most! Relax in the comfort of knowing you have an Immensely Strong Spiritual Advisor and Wish Manifestor looking out for your best interests!

Your Genie can manifest in a wide variety of ways, including (but not limited to): orbs, sparkles of light, mist-type vapors or in human form as a Man or Woman with black hair and sky blue eyes. You might also be able to see your Djinn during meditations and day dreams, and he or she may also visit you in your dreams. They can send you special signs, enhance your intuition and bring special people into your life.

Each purchase is for 1 Valley of the Kings Pharaoh’s Oasis King or Queen Djinn housed within this exquisite stainless steel ring with a beautifully faceted cat’s eye blue stone; Size 8. You do not have to wear to be bestowed your Djinn’s blessings; you can carry with you or keep in a special place.

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