Malikat Farha Arabian Queen of Delights Djinn Lamp

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Malikat Farha

Arabian Queen

of Delights
Marid Djinn Lamp

This Queen Djinn was summoned utilizing Ancient Persian Djinn Magick. She brings the power of the Ancients and a legion of Djinn under her command! Welcome her for effective and profound positive blessings in all areas of your life!

This powerful Djinn Queen brings calm assurance that all of your desires will be obtained! Welcome her into your life and the power of the Universe will conspire to move mountains! The seemingly impossible will be possible with her assistance! This beautiful entity will help you come into alignment with what anything you desire; be it a new love, a new career, more money, protection, success, beauty, enhanced psychic abilities, or any of your deepest wishes. She naturally attracts vast riches and places them humbly at your feet. She brings Universal Wisdom and hidden knowledge so your path is Spiritually illuminated. She will envelop your Aura with wealth, power & prestige! Welcome her into your life and you will be richly blessed!

Paranormal activity can occur with this Djinn, including, but not limited to: seeing orbs, mists, sparkling lights, feeling chills or cold spots or feeling her strong presence with you/as though you are not alone. In human spectral form, she appears as a gorgeous woman with long brown hair and light brown eyes as shown. Her personality is compassionate, energetic, attentive, inspiring, gracious and loving. She will never intentionally scare you or those you live with.

Her vessel is this spectacular brass Lamp featuring beautiful coloring and lotus flowers. It measures about 3.5” tall by 5” wide. No formal ritual required. Find a special place in your home for this captivating Djinn!

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