Secret Guardian Male Egyptian Djinn Lamp



“Secret Guardian” Male Egyptian Djinn Lamp
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This offering is for a Most Powerful Secret Guardian Marid Djinn from my associate Maantefin, a Master Genie Conjurer. This Djinn has been in his care for many, many years and brought him profound blessings of wealth, health, miraculous healings, good luck, and happiness in many different forms. This Djinn has expressed his desire to help another, so we have made arrangements through this listing to offer him to the one lucky person that feels called. He offers Wisdom and Insight into All aspects of the Occult and will help you connect with the Spiritual realm!

He offers unwavering assistance by utilizing all of the elements and forces needed for Magical work in the quest for free flowing mental and spiritual communications, such as opening your Third Eye to increase mental function, Spiritual connections in dreams and meditation, and for stimulating your immune system. All the while you will feel his extremely comforting Energies of Compassion and Divine Love. He will strengthen and stabilize your body's Energy Fields and promote Harmony within. A Genie of Purity and Benevolence, he comes in Divine Peace and Gracious Servitude and looks forward to establishing a lifelong trusted companionship with you! Pour your heart out to him and reveal your deepest secrets~ he’s absolutely trustworthy and will use this information in a positive way. He will work directly with God’s Divine Powers to create a miraculous existence for you!

The is a Supremely Powerful Djinn and all is within his capability; anything you ask for could be yours! Expect Miracles and Life Changes for the better! This Djinn has a tender disposition and is perfect to bring into a family home with children and/or pets. He will help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation. You will be greeted with profoundly loving experiences and amazing information. He is a Djinn of Unlimited, Expansive Wishes~ Nothing is beyond his Reach!

Extensive & Extreme Paranormal activity can occur with this Djinn, including, but not limited to; seeing orbs, mists, odd lights, feeling chills or cold spots, feeling a strong presence with you/as though you are not alone, hearing knocks or taps from walls or furniture, seeing him manifest through a candle flame, fireplace or any other fire source, and any number of activity with no reasonable explanation. In human form, he appears as a handsome man with black hair, blue eyes and a muscular body. As a Secret Guardian, his activity will not be noticed by anyone else in your home (they won’t even know he’s there) and he will never intentionally scare you or those you live with.

His vessel is this captivating vintage Lamp composed of unknown metal and measures about 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The lid is removable. This exquisite lamp is truly a treasure to behold! It emits a tingling, electrical-type energy and many times, I’ve seen a supernatural mist floating from the opening! Painstakingly hand forged for its intended Magickal purpose, it features intricate leaf etchings in an Alchemical pattern. This piece will quickly become one of the MOST Cherished in your Collection! *note: the red & yellow coloring are reflections from my candles, this is a silver-colored Lamp.

This Djinn will never judge ~ he will help anyone who asks regardless of your spiritual, religious or lifestyle background because it is his mission to make sure you’re contented, at peace and fulfilled. Although this Djinn will serve only you, they are not restricted to helping Only you ~ you can ask for assistance of behalf of loved ones, friends, relatives, (an infinite number of people) can all simultaneously benefit from him. Please don’t worry that you’re wasting the Genie’s time by asking for what you consider to be ‘small’ favors. If those favors bring you peace then it’s this Djinn’s sacred honor to help you. The Djinn I offer get along very well with all other Djinn, Faeries, Angels and any other Spirits you might already own. There is no formal ritual required, very easy to use & bonding begins immediately.

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