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During 2015, six Super-moons occurred on January 20, February 18, March 20, August 29, September 28, and October 27th. The veil was thin and Spells performed these nights had an added 9x boost of energy! This captivating Ring was imbued during all six of these Super Moons with 7 Alchemical Spells utilizing a blending of Ancient Esoteric Celtic, Gypsy/Romani and Ancient Egyptian Occult Spells. These Spells will turn the ‘lead’ in your life into ‘gold!’ There is no formal ritual required; the Spells will automatically align with your Aura and work intrinsically for you; bringing powerful positive blessings and all good things!  This ring was additionally empowered during the Super Black Moon, January 30, 2014!

The 7 Spells imbued into this Ring cover large areas of assistance:

* Stress Less Spell; bring uplifting energies, harmony & more joy into your life, eases depression, brings confidence, strength and self-esteem!

* Grow My Bankroll Money & Success Spell; puts your energy directly in the flow of wealth & luxury; business & career success, finding great jobs, advancements & raises in current employment!

*Eye of Horus Spell; helps awaken your latent psychic abilities, precognition, prophetic dreams, astral projection, clairvoyance, opens your 3rd Eye, helps your communication with Spirits!

* Isis Beauty Spell for sexiness, allure, reverses the aging clock, smoothing fine lines & wrinkles, more lush hair, look years younger all with a dazzling Aura!

* Kiss n’ Tell Love Spell; helps increase the sexual energy, passion & lust between partners, strengths marriages, makes you attractive to love interests, helps you meet & keep the love of your life!

* Protection & Curse Destroyer Spell; blocks Evil Spirits, dissolves hexes, the evil eye and other negative influences placed upon you from jealous people: ex’s, business competition, etc.

* Wild Dreams Spell; if the Universe allows, it will make your wildest dreams come true!

Deemed the “Moonglow” due to the powerful spells imbued into it from the intense energy of the Super Moon!

Your purchase is for 1 “Moonglow” 7 Alchemical Spells Super Moon Ring with a moon face covered in small dazzling cz gems set in a silver plated setting. Since there is an opening in this ring, it can be carefully squeezed to fit size 8 through 9 comfortably. There is nothing special you need to do; the Spells will automatically be attuned to your energy and work for you automatically. This ring also holds the power of the Super Moon’s Energy; it will Spiritually align with each future Super Moon, deepening in power & blessings! If you so desire, you can use it in your own Rituals or Spellworkings or any time you want to enjoy Lunar Energy!

All pertinent information will be included in your shipment, including;

A beautiful Parchment Page for your Book of Shadows

A Spellcast Recharging Pouch

A Spellcast Candle

Spellcast Incense

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