"Payton" Haunted Doll HIGHLY ACTIVE Paranormal Ghost Girl



Active Haunted Doll

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I have many friends in the Investigative field of Paranormal Research and I am brought items from a local friend of mine whose Ghost Hunting Team investigates haunted private homes, businesses and lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include EVP, EMF, K2, and more. I am honored to be able to offer them to kind & loving homes!


This Doll is host to the Spirit of a 9 year old girl named “Payton.” She was from Michigan and perished last June from a car accident. Payton is an incredibly sweet & loving child. Her Aura radiates unconditional loving & peaceful energies. She enjoyed spending time with her friends, sleepovers and doing hair & makeup. She loves to communicate via mental telepathy & give signs of her presence. Just look into those big brown eyes! Payton is also extremely active and demonstrates very high levels of paranormal activity. This isn’t exaggerated, she truly is one of the most active dolls I’ve had the pleasure of offering. I cannot stress enough how important it is that she be welcomed in a ghost-friendly home! CAUTION!: Do not welcome her if paranormal activity scares you or you do not want an interactive Spirit in your home!!


She has demonstrated the following: orbs, mists and spectral manifestations, hearing her talking, hearing odd bumps, taps and other unexplained noises, hearing footsteps, feeling her touch you, telephone ringing & no one is there, cold chills/breeze, electrical disturbances, moving objects and full body manifestations. Her favorite thing to do is drain battery/electrical energy; this is done through cameras, fire alarms, lights and other electrical devices. If you happen to have electronic children’s toys in your home, she can set them off any time of day or night. When in her presence, you feel as though you are not alone.

Payton would love to be in a home with other Spirit children she could play with. The Ghost Hunting team used a speaking device with her and the following words came through: “diary”, “hand”, “desk”, “novel”, “shoes” and “candle.” These words are like clues to a mysterious puzzle; you can work with her and find out more about her.


The Paranormal Activity associated with her varies, therefore you may or may not experience any of the following:

*cold spots or temperature fluctuations around the doll or within the room
*changing positions
*changing facial expressions
*a young girl talking or voices heard with and without EVP recorders
*spectral manifestations of a young girl
*hearing unexplained sounds such as tapping, banging, footsteps, knocking, etc.
*items moving location>
*doors opening or closing
*lights turning off/on, or other unexplained electrical disturbances from tv’s, computers, printers, telephones, etc.
*unusual pleasant scents
*orbs, mist or other unexplained phenomenon
*any other paranormal activity with no reasonable explanation



Payton’s host doll is made of porcelain with a soft main body. She is in a standing position and measures about 18” tall. She wears a pretty light blue dress with lavish accents and a faux pearl dangle on her chest. She has beige colored shoes and her feet demurely point inward. She has beautiful brown hair and soft brown eyes that speak volumes! Do you feel her sweet Spirit calling to you?


Payton has a charming disposition and will never harm you or intentionally try to scare you. Do not give her to a child to play with - she is Not a toy! She has been very friendly and engaging and likes to give signs of her presence. Do Not acquire this doll if you’re unsure about the paranormal or you’d rather not have an Interactive Spirit in your home.


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