"Violet" Special Child *Old Soul* Haunted Doll ~ Active



Active Haunted Doll



I have many friends in the Investigative field of Paranormal Research and I am brought items from a local friend of mine whose Ghost Hunting Team investigates haunted private homes, businesses and lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes. These items have shown incredible amounts of paranormal activity according to their testing devices, which include EVP, EMF, K2, and more. I am honored to be able to offer them to kind & loving homes!


This Doll is host to the Spirit of a 9 year old girl named “Violet.” She is from Wisconsin and perished last year from a car accident. Violet was an ‘old soul’ and was wise beyond her years. She had great concern for other’s feelings and seemed to psychically communicate with all animals. She tells me she had innate, Magickal healing abilities as well. She speaks to me quite easily through mental telepathy and asked that I pin a “GreenMan Brooch” onto her dress. She wants this to be a gift for whomever welcomes her. She exudes a very loving, gentle energy and just being near her seems to clear my Aura and I feel uplifted! She also tells me she’s a messenger to the other side; relaying messages to your loved ones that have crossed over and even Spiritually bringing them to you/connecting them to you. Violet is a remarkable and very special child and I ask that she be welcomed into a ghost-friendly home. Do not purchase her if paranormal activity scares you or you would rather not have an interactive Spirit in your home.

Violet has been very active and exhibits paranormal phenomenon, such as: tapping on walls, television & radio turning on, do ors openi ng & closing, lights flickering , feeling cold spots and manifesting in orb & spectral form.


The Paranormal Activity associated with her varies, therefore you may or may not experience any of the following:

*cold spots or temperature fluctuations around the doll or within the room
*changing positions
*changing facial expressions
*a young girl talking or voices heard with and without EVP recorders
*spectral manifestations of a young girl
*hearing unexplained sounds such as tapping, banging, footsteps, knocking, etc.
*doors opening or closing and/or movement of furniture
*lights turning off/on, or other unexplained electrical disturbances from tv’s, computers, printers, telephones, etc.
*unusual pleasant scents
*orbs, mist or other unexplained phenomenon
*any other paranormal activity with no reasonable explanation



Violet’s host doll is made of porcelain and she is in a sitting position. She measures about 14” tall (measured seated). She wears a lavender colored dress with white scalloped shoes. She has lovely blonde hair and deep blue eyes that speak volumes! Please study the pictures and see if you can feel her sweet Spirit calling to you!


Violet has a charming disposition and will never harm you or intentionally try to scare you. Do not give her to a child to play with - she is Not a toy! She has been very friendly and engaging and likes to give signs of her presence. Do Not acquire this doll if you’re unsure about the paranormal or you’d rather not have an Interactive Spirit in your home.


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