Woodland & Mythical Creature Herbal Offering


I am honored to offer this unique all-natural herbal blend, which I’ve chosen specifically for its receptivity to all Magickal Woodland & Mythical Creatures! This all-encompassing blend can be used for Werewolves, Vampires, Unicorns, Pegasus, Phoenix, Griffin/Gryphon, Hippogriff, and more (there are too many to list ~ please contact me if you’re unsure).

This is a Sacred blend of Organic herbs, that All Magickal Creatures LOVE! They are attracted to the scent and bright colors and consuming its Essence makes them Incredibly Happy! This blend will also increase their openness & receptivity to you~ this mix could be used as a welcoming, daily offering or occasional special treat!

You will receive a small bag with ½ cup of this Blended Mix ~ which could equal 8 offerings in a tablespoon size! The amount you need depends on how many Spirits you have as well as how much you’d like to spoil them! Simply place the amount you desire into an offering dish such as a large seashell and leave overnight, disposing of the next day. It’s that Simple!

I personally create and empower each Blend for Optimum Results! The blends are in tune with the Universe and Nature and Cosmically aligned with the Energies of Magickal Woodland & Mythical Creatures.


*Note: Herbal Blend is Not for human consumption!

**International Buyers:  Several Countries prohibit the import of herbs.  If you live outside the US, please check your Countries regulations.  I am not responsible for packages siezed by Customs.**

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